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WATC is pleased to announce MyWATC Alerts, our new notification system. MyWATC Alerts provides the ability to reach WATC students, faculty, and staff in minutes. The service is an efficient way to keep the WATC campus informed and safe. With MyWATC Alerts, WATC can:

  • Send urgent information regarding the safety or welfare of everyone on campus
  • Deliver timely, targeted, and relevant message about campus closings and delays
  • Send time sensitive information about registration, financial aid, or other student issues
  • Enhance student engagement by quickly sending messages via text and voice on their mobile devices as well as personal and WATC emails.

All students may receive the alerts in their WATC –issued email account.  Students who have supplied WATC with a cell phone number will receive an automated introductory text message. WATC strongly encourages students and employees not to opt out. In an emergency situation, the alert system will attempt to contact you via all the methods you have provided. Depending on where you are at during the emergency, a text message could be the quickest way to alert you of the situation.


How does MyWATC Alerts work?

MyWATC Alerts allows WATC administrators to send recorded messages to WATC students, faculty, and staff by mobile phone, landline phone, and e-mail within minutes.

In the event of an emergency, MyWATC Alerts uses the contact information you have provided during the admissions/enrollment process to send  messages directly to students, faculty, and staff. The entire campus community can be notified in about 15 minutes.

The system can also be used to deliver timely, targeted, and relevant message about campus closings as well as time sensitive information about registration, financial aid, or other student issues.

WATC has partnered with Blackboard Connect to provide MyWATC Alerts.

How do I sign up to receive MyWATC Alerts?

Simple, just click on this link and follow the instructions. You do not need to be a student to receive MyWATC Alerts.  Students, parents and anyone else who cares to receive alerts about WATC can sign up.

Is there a fee for the MyWATC Alerts System?

No, this service is free for WATC students. Only your cellular phone carrier’s normal charges will apply.

What phone number will I see on my Caller ID when I receive a MyWATC Alerts? I want to program that number into my phone.

myWATC Alerts phone calls will come from 630-79 or 231-77.  Emergency and Outreach Text messages will come from 630-79 or 231-77.

We recommend that you save these numbers as “MyWATC Alerts” and program a unique and audible ring tone for calls and texts coming from those numbers, especially if you normally have your mobile phone on vibrate mode (for instance, when you’re in class or meetings). Your mobile carrier should be able to provide you with instructions on how to do this on your particular phone model.

From what email address will MyWATC Alerts be sent? How can I keep MyWATC Alerts emails from going to my junk mail folder?

MyWATC Alerts emails will be sent from You can add the address to your safe senders list to prevent messages from being filtered to your junk mail.

How do I make sure my contact information is up to date so that it can be available for use in emergencies?

Log on to your MyWATC account ( If you are a student,  go to the Student Records section, and click the Update My Personal Information link; staff and faculty can view their information using Self Service Banner, (Personal Information link).

Will you share my contact information anyone? Who will have access to it?

No. WATC will not use this for any reason other than an emergency and official communication from the college.

Blackboard Connect does not sell, lease, share, or rent personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of Blackboard Connect or Blackboard Connect service providers.


Other students received emergency (or test) MyWATC Alerts messages, but I did not. What should I do?

You should first check your voicemail/answering machine (mobile, work, and/or home) to ensure that you simply didn’t miss the call(s).

If messages weren’t left on these recording devices for all of the contact numbers you’ve provided, check your contact information to ensure that it is accurate and up to date.

If your contact information appears to be correct, you should report that you did not receive the MyWATC Alerts to 316-677-9906.

What should I do if I receive an emergency call or e-mail from WATC?

If you receive an emergency message via MyWATC Alerts

  • Listen to or read the entire message.
  • Take the message seriously.
  • Follow any instructions given in the message.

If classes are cancelled due to a weather related emergency, will I get a message from MyWATC  Alerts?


What if I don’t want to receive MyWATC Alert messages?

We really encourage you to stay opted-in to the alerts but if you choose to opt-out, please complete the following form: myWATC Opt-in/Opt-Out Form and return it to the front desk at either the NCAT campus or Southside Campus. Note: Students will still receive alerts to their WATC email address.

If you choose to opt back in, simply text “Subscribe WATC” to either 23177 or 63079 and you will begin receiving the texts again.

REMEMBER: Opting out stops the ability for WATC to send timely emergency messages. We encourage you to receive these messages!

Get WATC Alerts

WATC Alerts allow friends, family and associates of Wichita Area Technical College students and employees to sign up for important college alerts. If you would like to subscribe to security alerts and important college information, please register for a new account and specify your communication preferences by clicking the link above.


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