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Avionics Technology, COC

AVT 100 Technical Mathematics 3 Cr Hrs

The technical Math course content includes the fundamental processes of mathematics with emphasis on problem-solving techniques.  Included is a review of arithmetic, introductory algebra, rudiments of analytic geometry, and elementary trigonometry.

AVT 101 Basic Electricity & Electronics 3 Cr Hrs

This course is designed to introduce the student to the fundamental concepts of electricity and electronics that involve direct current (dc), including series and parallel resistive circuits, network analysis, and magnetism.  Prerequisite: AVT100 Technical Mathematics

AVT 102 Basic Electricity & Electronics Lab 3 Cr Hrs

This course is designed as the laboratory component to the AVT 101 course and will provide students with hands on experience with shop grade test equipment while performing experiments using LabVolt Computer Aided Instructional Electrical/Electronics Training System.  Laboratory experiments are conducted on pre-assembled boards maximizing student productivity and allowing increased instructor interaction and support.  Prerequisite:  AVT101 Basic Electricity & Electronics or concurrent enrollment in AVT101 Basic Electricity & Electronics

AVT 108 Wiring & Cannon Plug Lab 2 Cr Hrs

This course will provide the student instruction and practical lab exercises with the most common types of aircraft connectors and wiring systems utilized in today’s aircraft. A part of the course provides the student the opportunity to terminate, populate connectors and aircraft wiring assemblies. Prerequisite:  AVT 100 Technical Mathematics or the equivalent, AVT 101 Basic Electricity and Electronics, AVT 107 Basic Communication Electronics

*For the Applied Science of Aviation Manufacturing program AVT100 Technical Mathematics, and AVT107 Basic Communication Electronics are not required

AVC 110 Safety/OSHA 10 1 Cr Hrs

The 10- Hour General Industry Outreach training Program is intended to provide entry-level general industry workers broad awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards on a general industry site.  The training covers a variety of safety and health hazards which a worker may encounter at a general industry site.  OSHA recommends this training as an orientation to occupational safety and health.  Workers must receive additional training on hazards specific to their job.  Training will emphasize hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention, not OSHA standards.  Instructional time will be a minimum of 10 hours.


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