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More than a collaboration of leaders: a partnership

Aircraft manufacturers provide an invaluable role – regularly monitoring on site and giving guidance. An industry curriculum committee comprised of all Wichita’s original equipment manufacturers ensures students learn what’s needed to succeed.

This partnership with the aviation industry functions like an in-house team, pulling together for students’ success. While aviation is a cyclical industry, our fast-paced world will continue to demand the high-speed transportation solutions aviation provides. We’re a nation on the move. That means employers need team members who make things go. That translates to strong job security.

Composite fabrication and repair classes give students a cutting edge. Aviation Maintenance Mechanic graduates achieve results quickly, putting their new highly marketable skills to work as crew chiefs, supervisors, assembly-line leads and more. Our applied science degree in aviation manufacturing helps you accelerate at a faster pace into many roles within the aviation industry.

As the world transitions increasingly to composites, students who understand these materials can build or repair everything from a lightweight jet or wind turbine to streamlined RVs or yachts.

Learn from industry-leading instructors

Our instructors come to us with direct industry knowledge. Most are either directed by aircraft manufacturers to apply at WATC or use leading manufacturers or military as their references. They come to us fresh from the aviation industry, armed with real-world knowledge and insights.

Be part of a dynamic student body

You’ll find our students a mix of seasoned professionals returning to school for a career retooling and young people just starting their post-high-school education. Each learns from the other, sharing hard-won wisdom and technical know-how.

Build a career with a future

As composites increasingly replace aerostructures, WATC’s instruction will also shift focus. Students will see more and more emphasis on composites, fiber optics and robotics. We’re working closely with manufacturers to develop even lighter, stronger materials and to further integrate technology into aircraft. Think about it. Today thousands of feet of copper wire can be replaced with one fiber optic cable. That frees up valuable space and cuts down weight. These new technologies bring incredible job opportunities. Let WATC help you maximize them.

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