Student Testimonial

Thomas Smith completed his Associates degree in Mechanical Design Technology in December of 2009.  After several interviews with different companies, Thomas chose a job with American Control & Engineering Service Inc. in Rose Hill, Ks. Thomas loves his job and feels that WATC helped prepare him to reach his career goals.

Student Graduate Thomas Smith Vype Ad The above ad appeared in the August, 2010 issue of VYPE magazine.

Thomas tells his story
The education that I learned from WATC was a very strong base. Going into the industry I’m actually doing electrical engineering, which was not taught specifically at WATC but the fundamentals that I learned – CAD work and mechanical – it was just a solid base. That base has allowed me to grow upon this electrical field. I think I could have done it in any field they would have stuck me in. When I interviewed, I interviewed for HVAC, Piping and Instruments, and just a big field. Not only mechanical and architectural, I wasn’t limited to those. I’d say that WATC gave me a strong base for the wide range of fields that I could have went into.

I had to take samples prior to getting hired on. After my interview they asked me to bring samples of projects that I completed at school and I took them a portfolio. I believe that on top of the interview and other stuff they compared to other candidates, they decided they liked the work and projects we were involved with at School. The work is good and the quality of work they asked for produced results.

Transcribed from video comments.

WATC Career Services

Our Career Services office offers placement assistance to graduates in their field of study.  With the help of Thomas’ instructor and the Career Services office, he built a great resume and portfolio, which landed him several interviews with companies that he found through WATC’s online job board and his professional network.  A few weeks after he graduated, WATC’s was contacted by American Control & Engineering Service Inc..  They were looking for an AutoCad Draftsman and a Designer.  The Career Services office encouraged Thomas to apply and shortly after he was invited to an interview, where his presentation and portfolio impressed American Control & Engineering Service Inc and they offered Thomas a position.  This was one of several positions that Thomas was offered, but in Thomas’ mind the best fit.