Dwight VonTress, Personal Training Technical Certificate

Dwight VonTress, Personal Training Technical Certificate - advertisement that appeared in October 2011 VYPE magazine.

Dwight tells his story
I’ve always been going to the gym, doing my thing, until I had my uncle’s  wife tell me about the WATC (Personal Training) program. Knowing that I was already interested in working out, I was like “Cool, I’m going to go try it out.” I came up here, I talked with (instructor) Vrenda, she was nice to me, treated me good.I went to another local college where they were having the same program, and things were a little too steep there. So I chose to come over to WATC. And decided to stay, and when I did, everything worked out. Here I am. I’m still working at it, but I feel if I stick to it, I’ll be there.Learning different things about body parts – we see our body, but we don’t know what it is. I’ve learned certain parts on your body, learned about muscle fibers and everything you could possibly know about the human body, I learned in the Personal Training class. If you want to know about that, that way you could know more about your body, that way you can keep yourself a little healthier.

I didn’t know when I was working out – it seemed I stayed at the same size. Nothing increased until I actually started trying different things and once I got to WATC and talking her about supplments and they actually helped.

Training, actually owning my own personal training business. Having plenty of clients that can come see me (that’s what I want).

I feel like I’m more knowledgeable about what it takes and what a person has to do to reach their goals.

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