WATC's Adult Basic Education Selected to be a Part of Credentials Initiative

WATC’s Adult Basic Education Program (ABE) was one of eight colleges in the state of Kansas selected to participate in the ABE to Credentials initiative. The ABE to Credentials Initiative is all about jobs, the economy, and improving opportunity for adults. This initiative is also helping drive economic recovery by helping adults get the credentials and skills they need to get and succeed in family-sustaining jobs. ABE to Credentials is based on the core belief that postsecondary credentials are the gateway to family-supporting wages—and that they are critical to breaking the intergenerational transmission of poverty in America.

The state of Kansas was one of eleven states to receive a $200,000 design grant from the Gates Foundation. This funding is used to identify the eight colleges who will participate in the state of Kansas (WATC being one of them) and submit a three year implementation grant of $1.6 Million to the Gates Foundation this fall. From the eleven states initially chosen for the design grant, the Gates Foundation will fund 4-6 states to implement the ABE to Credentials initiative.

What this means to WATC is that we will be on the forefront of changing policy and procedures on how ABE students transition into postsecondary in the state of Kansas. We will work in partnership with the other colleges selected for this initiative along with the Kansas Board of Regents, the Kansas Department of Commerce and the Workforce Centers across Kansas to develop  a statewide model to ensure students are transitioning seamlessly and are successful in their educational experience.

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