The Pinning Ceremony to honor graduates of Wichita Area Technical College’s (WATC) Practical Nurse Program was held May 19 at the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT). Jennifer Brown, RN, BSN was asked to provide a pinning address and students Todd Platt and Tosha Voge spoke on behalf of the students.

“It is a privilege and honor as faculty to educate each new “generation” of nurses, and to be a part of perpetuating the honorable profession of nursing,” said Program Director Janice Wilson.

“The pinning ceremony is the culmination of their formal education, and represents their entry into practice as nurses. The road is long and arduous, yet the joy on their faces, the pride of their loved ones who have sacrificed so much to make this a reality, makes the journey worthwhile. Congratulations and welcome to our profession!”


The Recessional

Crystal Allen
Monica Amezcua
Stephanie Basnett
Dena Beach
Marsha Becker
Carmen Bonilla-Potts
Dawn Bryant
Vernon Butler
Victoria Collvins
Alexis Davis
Katie Davis
Ronisha Easter
Melissa Falcon
Leonard Githige
Kelsey Haugh
Abigayle Hinajos
Kelsey Ivey
Jeanetta Johnson
Joseph Kabukire
Morgan Kimaro
Cindy Le
ChaJair Lee
Ryan Littlejohn
John Mburv
Karissa McEwen
Kareema McLeroy
Jessica Mendoza
Valerie Mendoza
Jane Miriti
Leah Mitchell
Breanna Morris
Anna Nunn
Rhoda Nyabasa
Stella Nyangau
Peshaincy Olwith
Molly O’Quinn
Lauren Padgett
Todd Platt
Kelie Ramirez
Anissa Robinson
Tammy Ruth
Danielle Sanders
Deserae Schauf
Danielle Simmons
Alyssa Snodgrass
Jimila Spiller
Kristi Suttle
Mary Torrez
Tasha Voge
Jessica Wallis
Michelle Walters
Addriene Warren
Taci Wendler
Anabel Zuniga

Gloria Powers, a 2010 graduate, also  participated in the ceremony.

Nursing Program Faculty and Staff

Program Director: Janice Wilson, RN, MSN
Clinical Coordinator: Kathy Adkins, RN, BSN, MHS


  • Cindy Ellis-Stoll, PH.D., MSN, CNS, ARNP
  • Kay Lydick, RN, BSN
  • Terri Murabito, RN, MSN
  • Pat Plank, RN, MSN
  • Carol Price, RN, BSN

Adjunct Instructors:

  • Jennifer Brown, RN, BSN
  • Jennifer Chan, RN
  • Marsha Nicholson, RN, BSN, MS
  • Cherianna Robinson, RN, BSN
  • Rose Samples, RN
  • Marilee Smalley, RN, MSN
  • Aimee Wilson, RN