WATC Partners with Snap-on to Advance the Twisted World of Torque

Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics and equipment, in partnership with Wichita Area Technical College (WATC) at the National Center for Aviation Training, has created the only national torque certification program offered in Kansas. It is designed to meet the needs of growing global industries by providing students with hands-on learning of torque techniques, bolting applications, and tool set-up and selection concepts. Not only does Snap-on Torque Certification open up opportunities in aerospace and automotive fields, but also a wide range of energy, engineering, electrical, diesel and heavy duty, HVAC, mechanical, PC repair, and robotics fields as well.

Torque has been around for a while. It is from the Latin word torquere, meaning “to twist”, accordingly, torque is the turning motion used to tighten or secure a fastener to achieve proper clamping force. There is an optimal torque value, if the clamp is over or under torque it causes damage to the machinery, and every time a tool is certified, it must first go through a calibration process. Having a working knowledge of the theory and application of torque is essential for advancement in any engineering, maintenance service, or repair career.

WATC and Snap-on continue to strive to ensure that the skills taught through the program are continuing to advance training and worker development initiatives while meeting the needs of industry.

Enroll Now for Torque Certification Training

The Snap-on Certification program is split into three successive areas:

  • Torque Fundamentals
    Focuses on equipment, theory, safety, basic bolting practices, and mechanical applications and instruments
  • Electrical Torque
    Builds on the skills learned in fundamentals class, and expands to receiving hands-on training in proper set up, use and maintenance of advanced electronic torque technology equipment
  • Torque III
    Provides hands-on training to students in the big torque equipment used in today’s aviation and automotive power industry. Students will be trained in today’s gear reduction multipliers as well as pneumatic and hydraulic-operated machines.

The program also offers Train-the-Trainer, which is designed to incorporate certification training into a curriculum or workplace while ensuring that educators will be prepared and confident in distributing this information to future technicians. Kevin Henning and Richard Williams are certified Train-the-Trainers for Snap-on Torque Certification.

The training class is $280 per person, 16-hours long and held at NCAT. The day class is held 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., December 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The evening class is held 5:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M, December 6, 7, 8, and 9. For more information on how to become certified or to schedule your own training class, please contact David Young  at  316.677.9485.

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