WATC Offers One-of-a-kind Technical Skills Training Through ITL Content

“This is the most innovative instructional environment for technical skills training I’ve ever seen,” said Trish Schmidt, Director of Instruction and Curriculum Development at WATC. She has been teaching for 20 years.180 Skills, a graphics education company, has transformed WATC’s instructional information into a dynamic, graphical interface allowing the student to actually experience the technical skills online. This is the first semester WATC has fully rolled out the training. In addition to utilizing the ITL content in the several programs it is also used in the Global Professional Studies course. You can view the ITL demonstration which includes pieces from several courses taught at WATC.

CMT 101 was formerly a face-to-face class. Now, students don’t come to class until the 3rd day. The theory is taught online through ITL. The students will have already experienced the project before working the project in the lab. “This really cuts down on the learning curve,” said Trish.

“It’s like a virtual reality shop class,” said Composite Fabrication student Fred Thompson.

Shelby Profita is looking forward to learning new and advanced skills. He was laid off from Hawker, and then called back recently. He’s working 2nd shift and continuing with the Composites training. He says he will be more employable with composites mechanic or repair training.

Programs that have courses which use ITL content for fully online delivery or hybrid delivery:

Programs using courses with ITL content as classroom enhancements:

“180 Skills is honored to be a part of the WATC ITL program” said founder Joe Kitterman.

“WATC’s commitment to the ITL program enables students to access high quality education, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means no student is left behind. WATC’s investment in this program is a testament to their belief in student success.”

“Working with Joe Kitterman and his staff has been an exciting opportunity. They are talented graphic artists and instructional designers,” said Trish.  You can learn more about 180 skills at http://www.180skills.com/.

View the ITL demo:

Innovative Technology for Learning Demo

Innovative Technology for Learning Demo

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