WATC Employees Play a Role in Local Theatre

This is Wichita Community Theatre’s 65th season and WATC employees are playing an important role in it. LMS Specialist Casey Eubank and Instructor Misty Maynard each have been cast in the latest production, Over the River and Through the Woods. While Academic Advisor, Elle Franke has been an active member of the board for Wichita Community Theatre for the past year.

Casey plays the leading role of Nick Christiano, a 29-year old marketing executive who dutifully visits his four grandparents every Sunday for dinners, which are governed by “the three F’s” – family, faith, and food. Misty plays Aida, Nick’s grandmother. Casey has been in three plays, the last two at Kechi Playhouse, which Misty also owns and operates.

Misty and Casey

Misty Maynard and Casey Eubank performing a scene on stage together.

“It gives me an outlet for channeling my creative energy. I’ve gotten to know a lot of people in the theatre community and I enjoy working with them, both on stage and off stage,” Casey shared.

“It’s exciting to work with Casey. You get to know another side of co-workers when you spend time with them outside of work.” Misty said. Misty has a long history of theatre involvement. She’s been a director for 30 years, and the owner-operator of Kechi Playhouse for 28 years. She taught theatre at East High School, and also started a community theatre in Pittsburg, Kansas. Misty goes on to say, “It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been on stage. You kind of forget what the actors go through, but I’m experiencing it all over again.”

Elle Franke plans and helps with hosting the opening night parties for the shows and also fundraising for the theatre. “I’ve been involved with the theatre for a long time. I lived in Los Angeles and worked in theatre, and did casting for film and television.” When she moved to Kansas she felt the need to continue to fulfill that passion for being part of the theatre.  “There’s nothing like being on stage and that exciting energy you get from not only your fellow actors but the audience as well, ” she said.

Over the River and Through the Woods opens at Wichita Community Theatre Thursday, December 2, at 8 P.M. with a special opening night reduced ticket price of $8, and runs Thursday through Sunday until December 19.

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