On Time Registration

Learning starts Day One at WATC

Effective Fall Semester 2014,Wichita Area Technical College will institute On Time Registration. Students must be enrolled in a class and in attendance on the first day of class. Late Start classes will be offered.

Why Register Early?
  • You’re more likely to get the classes you need at the times  you want
  • You avoid last-minute scrambling and hassles
  • You avoid the expense of extra semesters and reach your goal on time
  • You avoid the long lines during peak registration times
  • Classes may be full
  • Gives you time to get your financial aid in order
Register early and be ready to learn Day One

Late registrations will not be allowed. Students must register in person or by phone prior to the first class meeting. Online registration must be made 24 hours prior to the start of class. Please refer to the Course Schedule for start dates. Registration is permitted up to 1 hour before the first official class meeting date and time. Registration after a class starts will not be permitted. During the first week of classes, students may drop or add classes that have not started.

Once a class starts, enrollment is official closed

Payment arrangements must be made at the time of registration. Students whose names do not appear on a class roster are NOT enrolled and will not be allowed to attend class. Students who have not already been awarded Financial Aid must use the Payment Plan.

– See more at: http://watc.edu/on-time-registration/#sthash.zayeCZPM.dpuf

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