Do you want to market to your customers without being just another annoying spammer they’ll block and ignore? Do you want to send your customers useful and interesting information through effective and direct means? Do you want to know how to fully utilize a great email marketing service with attractive templates, auto responders, all kinds of social features that help you get to know your subscribers and share your newsletters through Facebook and other social media, and the ability to track subscriber activity on social networks? Of course you do! Ok… so how do you do this?

WATC is offering a 4-hour, non-credit class called Using MailChimp for Email Marketing on Thursday, Jan 27, from 12:30-4:30 at its beautiful new NCAT facility located at 4004 N. Webb, Wichita. This class will teach you how to create email campaigns with MailChimp; the basics of sending HTML formatted emails; understanding your email tracking reports including opens, subscribes and bounces; how to add a subscription form to a website and how to comply with CAN-SPAM regulations (those are laws put in place so you don’t become that annoying spammer). But hurry, the class is limited to only 15 participants!

For more information and for registration details go to: