Kansas Governor and Hawker Beechcraft CEO Announce Hawker to stay in Wichita

Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson and Hawker Beechcraft CEO Bill Boisture announced today that Hawker Beechcraft will stay in Wichita. The announcement was made at the National Center for Aviation Training, which is “a critical component of the incentive package that is announced here this morning,” as stated by Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Karl Peterjohn.

Local media were present and after the announcement the Governor allowed for questions. Following are a few remarks from the videos which can be found on WATC’s YouTube channel.

Governor Mark Parkinson

“Today is a good day for the state of Kansas, and it is a great day for the city of Wichita. It is a great day because as a result of an agreement between the state, the city, the county, and Hawker Beechcraft, Hawker has made the long term commitment to stay and build airplanes in the city of Wichita.”

“The state has agreed to make available $10 million in training funds for the use of Hawker Beechcraft employees to receive important training both here at the National Center for Aviation Training, as well as at Wichita State, or other regent schools. So we will ensure that we will continue to have the most skilled workforce in the country.”

Hawker Beechcraft CEO Bill Boisture

“In accepting this program and committing to this program with the state, county, and the city, we’re committing to the further success of Hawker Beechcraft as a U.S., a Kansas, and a Wichita based private company. And we’re preserving a valued American industry in tomorrow’s aviation market.”

“To stand here in this magnificent new training center and to think that in the next few years we’ll be able to strengthen both the knowledge, the craftsmanship, and the flexibility of our workforce by training not only on aerostructures and sheetmetal, but composites and avionics and completions, and even robotics if we get to that point. It’s all here.”

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