Interior Design students donate chair to the Red Chair Affair

Bridget Mack’s Design Studio 1 class is donating a chair to the Red Chair Affair, a fundraiser for the Wichita Orpheum Theatre.

Interior Design students decorate chair

Interior Design students Kenna, Monica and Tasha decorate the chair that will be donated to the Red Chair Affair.

Bridget first heard about the Red Chair Affair from listening to Jennifer Wright pomote the fundraiser on B98FM. She saw an opportunity for her Interior Design students to help and submitted a chair entry form. After she purchased a chair she left it up to her students to take it through the design process. Typical steps that students go through include brainstorming, problem solving, listing constraints, programming, creative thinking, scheduling, budgeting and deciding on materials requirements.

“We came up with the idea for a tail gate party chair. Its football season – and it was either the Chiefs the Jayhawks,” the students said.

The Orpheum is one of the buildings toured in the Interior Design Seminars class. The class meets and tours buildings of architectural interest, vendors that only allow access to Interior Designers, and other historical landmarks.

“We use the Orpheum Theatre in our Interior Design Seminars class because of it’s architectural interest and historic value to Wichita. So we’re happy to help give something back to the Orpheum,” said Bridget.

Students going through the program are Interior Designers, as opposed to Decorators. Decorators deal mostly with aesthetics such as pillows, curtains and making things pretty. Interior Designers do that as well, but also receive training covering materials, building codes,  fire codes, safety codes, ADA codes and work with other professionals on the project like architects.

“This class is a culmination of all things learned in our previous classes,” said Kenna who only needs 2 more classes to graduate. The Design Studio 1 class is one of the final classes required for the Interior Design Associate of Applied Science degree.

The Red Chair Affair is Wednesday, September 29 at the Wichita Marriott.

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