Hope Scholarship Awarded to Kjerstin Webb

Kjerstin with her father and mother

Kjerstin with her parents

As an educational institution, part of our purpose is to provide hope and encouragement for people who want to become self-sufficient or otherwise improve their lives.  Through our scholarship program, we invest in the potential of students who have made outstanding accomplishments or have achieved something outside the ordinary.

On June 27, 15-year-old Kjerstin Webb was nearly killed in a two-vehicle collision in Mulvane. She was flown via air ambulance to Wesley Medical Center. Kjerstin was in coma and didn’t open her eyes for 9 days.  Her sister Wendy recalls one of the most difficult times of uncertainty and how the family was asked to consider donating Kjerstin’s organs. But Kjerstin survived. She spent the next  several months in a rehabilitative facility in Nebraska.

On October 9, Kjerstin had a welcome home party at the Derby Public Library.  Dean of Enrollment Services Pam Doyle and Financial Aid Director David Duncan presented Kjerstin with a scholarship for full tuition and fees towards a WATC program of her choice.

We recognize the courage and perseverance which Kjerstin has demonstrated and the unexpected challenges she  encountered. It is our hope that she sets her sights high and continues to work hard to achieve whatever goals she sets for herself.

Special thanks to WATC student Leanna Brogdon.

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