EMMA Gives WATC an Arm Up

WATC has accepted the generous donation of a state-of-the-art sanding device, EMMA, for the College’s Aerospace Coatings and Paint Technology program. Spearheading the donation was Hawker Beechcraft’s Chief of Global Engineering, Bill Jones. WATC rebuilt and updated the EMMA (Easily Manipulated Mechanical Arm) unit using funding from the Innovative Technology for Learning, a grant provided by the Kansas Board of Regents.

On October 27th, a team from Hawker Beechcraft and Temple Allen Industries brought the EMMA unit to the NCAT campus to install and give demonstrations to students. EMMA is controlled via joystick by a remote operator; tools affixed to the arm can be smoothly moved over the product’s surface, protecting personnel from paint, particles, and debris. EMMA can sand, grind, blast and polish and has been implemented into the painting process all across the aviation industry.

During an on-site visit to Spirit AeroSystems, members of the WATC staff had the opportunity to see EMMA in action and speak to company executives and end-users about the tool. On the tour, Spirit staff noted that EMMA has been a boon to the company, it has cut production time, is cost effective and protects workers from muscle injuries. EMMA cuts sanding time in half, maximizes material use, and provides a high quality finish.

WATC is excited to include EMMA as part of its Aerospace Coatings and Paint Technology training. Aerospace firms and industry partners supporting the program are eagerly anticipating the workforce-ready graduates that WATC will supply. Exposure to EMMA will ensure forward-facing students and future employees, accustomed to increased productivity, high-quality results, and improved operator conditions.

The WATC Aerospace Coatings and Paint Technology program is designed to produce aerospace technicians with multiple skill sets, a well-rounded understanding of the industry and the depth and breadth of knowledge that comes from recommended general education courses.  It provides a broad-based understanding of coating and paint processes within the aerospace industry and comprehensive experiences in the coating and paint industry, including formulation, application and specialized areas.  EMMA will enhance Aerospace Coatings and Paint Technology students’ education and will, in turn, produce employees that local businesses desire.

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