Composite Technology student Susan Forrester wins contest for naming the new NCAT Café

Composite Technology student Susan Forrester

“I’m all about Wichita. I am proud of my home town, and proud to call Wichita the Air Capital of the World.”

Susan didn’t think she’d ever go to school again.  “An opportunity arose and doors just kept opening,” she said. As a displaced worker, she had fears of starting school again when contacted by the Workforce Center. It took a lot of encouragement and support from her family to take the necessary placement tests before starting college. She worried that her math skills would prevent her from entering the program.

“Once I got here (the National Center for Aviation Training), I realized that there were people in class just like me,” she said.  This reinforced her excitement of not only being trained with new job skills, but getting a college degree at the same time. She is thankful her instructor Kevin Henning is so supportive. “He works with us and encourages us to ask questions,” she said. 

Thinking of attending air shows at McConnell Air Force Base is what spurred Susan to think of the suggestion Touch N Go.  She talked it over with her instructor and her sister.  The rest of her family became excited and rallied to support her choice.  The NCAT café and student center look out onto the runway of Jabara airport; students eating lunch will often seen planes landing and taking off.

“NCAT is a worthy investment,” she said.