Composite Repair Not Just For Aviation

Brad Schmidt is a bicycle enthusiast and just completed his third Biking Across Kansas tour.  The tour consists of eight days of bicycling covering 475 miles across Kansas, from Colorado border to Missouri border.

Brad takes his bicycling serious. That’s why, when his high-end bicycle frame was damaged due to a run-in with a parked car, he took care in deciding how to get it repaired. He eventually hoped to give the bicycle to his daughter, and he wanted it properly repaired.

That’s when he reached out to Nels Jensen, Composites Fabrication Instructor at Wichita Area Technical College.

“The bicycle frame weights 986 grams (about 2 pounds),” said Brad.  “The damage was not easily repaired, and my first attempt to have the work done wasn’t successful.”

Nels spent some time after hours working on the project and documented the repair procedure extensively from the inspection evaluation to the post cure process.

Nels has a 29 year career in aviation and said “this was my first non-aircraft repair.”

“I was very impressed by the detail that was preserved,” said Brad.

To show his appreciation for the repair, Brad made a contribution to WATC’s student scholarship fund.

You can view before and after photos of the repair process on Facebook.

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