Circle High School Students Tour NCAT

David Young greets Circle High School students in the NCAT Gateway Building.

David Young greets Circle High School students in the NCAT Gateway Building.

On December 9, David Young, Department Chair for Aviation and Advanced Manufacturing, met a group of 31 Circle High School students in the Gateway building of the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT). These students, ranging in grades 9-12, were enrolled in P.J. Reilly’s Materials and Processes I classes. P.J. is also the Career and Technical Education Administrator for Circle High School and was present at the NCAT ribbon cutting ceremony in October. He then arranged to have a tour given to some of the students in the technical education classes at Circle High School. David guided them on a tour of the facility and introduced them to several faculty members who took time to speak about the various programs offered at NCAT, show the students different classrooms and labs, and answer questions about their respective areas of expertise. 

Throughout the tour it was stressed that the instructors were people who have actually been active and involved in the industry and the materials and equipment in the labs are the same as those used in manufacturing labs of major corporations and industries.

The students walked away being impressed with the scope and quality of technical education offered at NCAT. When asked what he thought of the facility, Junior Trevor Van Dyke stated, “It’s awesome!” He expressed interest in studying Aviation Maintenance Technology at WATC in the future. “I’m a hands-on kind of guy and I learn best by actually doing it.” He felt that the atmosphere of NCAT would be ideal for a learning environment.

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