Boy Scouts of America and WATC Participate in 7th Annual Merit Badge College

On Saturday, February 19 Wichita Area Technical College hosted the 7th annual Merit Badge College.  This is the 7th year the Quivira Council Boy Scouts have partnered with WATC for the Merit Badge College.

“Each year, even since the first year, there are hundreds of Boy Scouts here to earn merit badges,” said WATC employee Trish Schmidt. Her son was a Boy Scout and she has volunteered to help with the Merit Badge College all seven years.

There are about 120 merit badges, each with different requirements. Merit badges help Boy Scouts reach a certain rank, with Eagle Scout being the highest.

“Less than 1% of all youth that join scouting ever reach the Eagle Scout rank,” said Ryan Heikes, District Director of the Quivira Council.

Heikes went on to say that this is one opportunity for Boy Scouts to earn two badges in one day, and merit badges that would have normally been difficult to recieve, such as Aviation and Composites, are available due to the National Center for Aviation Training being one of the hosts for the event.

“I really want to thank Wichita Area Technical College and their staff for partnering with us for this event. Linda Sessions and Jessica Ross have went to a lot of work to make this successful and we appreciate it.”

Wichita Area Technical College faculty and staff who participated in the Merit Badge College include:

  • Nathan Bowser – Electricity/Electronics
  • Herman Broydeck – Metalwork
  • Tammy Carlyle – Computer
  • Pam Doyle – Communication
  • Andrea El Fadel – Dentistry
  • Mike Enders – Facilities 
  • Kevin Henning – Composites
  • Shane Hilt – Aviation
  • Nels Jensen – Composites
  • Jarrett Joorabchi – Facilities
  • Chet Kemp – Metalwork
  • Lou Alice King – Music
  • Mia Lee – Media
  • Scott Lucas – Public Speaking
  • Josh Manning – IT Support
  • Victor McMullen – IT Support
  • Jason Morphew – Chemistry
  • Heidi Peltzer – Computer
  • Jon Pine – Composites
  • Hassan Ramzah – Fingerprinting
  • Jessica Ross – Coordinator 
  • Trish Schmidt – Registration
  • Linda Sessions – Coordinator
  • Rita Sevart – Communication
  • David Stancoff – Composites
  • Fran Tedman – Plumbing
  • Sheree Utash – Communication
  • Richard Williams – Electricity/Electronics
  • David Young – Traffic Safety

Thank you to all of the volunteers, and make sure to check out more pictures of the event!

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