Michelle Roe was presented the Make A Difference Student Award on December 16 at the WATC board meeting.  Michelle is in the Interior Design Program and was nominated by her work-study supervisor and Library Director Rita Sevart.

Michelle Roe is presented with award

Ray Frederick reads Michelle Roe's nomination as her work-study supervisor, Rita Severt, stands by.

Michelle was hired as a work-study student to primarily read to youngsters as part of the community service requirement for Federal Work Study.  She was then allowed to work a few additional hours in the Library/Computer  lab.  Rita Severt goes on to say, “The Library did not realize Michelle was such a gem of a student worker.”

“Michelle received her “fire” baptism the first day by being asked to assist many students at the computers.  She did this with “diamond-like” precision, patience and comforting words.  Even when she had to ask other staff members for assistance, she provided a polished example of great customer service that showed she was a perfect fit with the Library staff. Students immediately accepted her “pearls of wisdom” as the authority in the room. Michelle’s real talent shined when she was asked to make the “Banned Books” display. Her almost life-size robots shimmered with silver skin and “topaz-colored” eyes and presented a story of lost knowledge on the display stage at Southside. To finish this in time, she worked at home, by her choice.  Michelle also added her creative skills to the display case for Veteran’s Day and Christmas and was the camera person behind  “A Day in the Life of a Library.” Her display for that day was the crowning achievement, as it sparkled and glowed, prompting many students to take part, ” shared Rita.

The Make a Difference Student Award recognizes students who demonstrate leadership and service to the WATC community.  Aside from the occasional “thank you”, these students are rarely acknowledged for the contribution they make.  The award recognizes these outstanding students who diligently help their fellow students and/or the WATC and Wichita area communities.  Nominees may demonstrate exemplary performance, club service, volunteer work, mentorship or leadership.  Student nominations are welcomed from all WATC employees.

Nomination criteria include the following:

  • Contributions to the WATC or Wichita area communities should demonstrate generosity of spirit and performance above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Must have benefited other students or the community within the last 12 months.
  • Must be currently enrolled
  • Must be in good academic standing (GPA of not less than 3.0).
  • Must have completed (or be enrolled in) 12 credit hours at WATC.