Robotics, COC

IND 109 Basic Industrial Programmable Logic Controls 3 Cr Hrs

This course introduces operational theory, systems terminology, PLC installations, and programming procedures for programmable logic controls. Emphasis is placed on PLC programming, connections, installations, and start-up procedures. Topics include: PLC hardware and software, PLC functions and terminology, PLC installation and set up, PLC programming basics, relay logic instructions, timers and counters, connecting field devices to I/O cards, and PLC safety procedures. Prerequisite: IND 116 or departmental approval.Top of page

IND 131 Industrial Programmable Logic Controls 3 Cr Hrs

This course provides for hands-on development of operational skills in the maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial control systems and automated industrial equipment. Emphasis is placed on applying skills developed in previous courses in programmable logic controls (PLC’s) in a industrial setting. This course includes advanced skills necessary to complete the student’s knowledge and skills to understand and work with PLC’s in an industrial plant. Prerequisite: IND 109 or departmental approval.Top of page

IND 132 Industrial Instrumentation 3 Cr Hrs

This course provides instruction in the principles and practices of instrumentation for industrial process control systems with an emphasis on industrial maintenance techniques for production equipment. Topics include: instrument tags; process documentation; basic control theory, sensing pressure, flow, level, and temperature; instrument calibration; and loop tuning. Prerequisite: IND 131 or departmental approval.Top of page

ROB 100 Introduction to Robotics 3 Cr Hrs

This course explores basic robotic concepts. Studies robots in typical application environments. Topics include: robot history and fundamentals, robot classification, power sources, robot applications in the workplace, robot control techniques, path control, end of arm tooling, robot operation and robot controllers, controller architecture in a system, robotic language programming, and human interface issues. Top of page

ROB 101 Manufacturing Control & Work Cell Interfacing 2 Cr Hr

This course studies open and closed loop controls and cell level interfacing. Emphasizes human factors related to automated systems. Topics include: process control; sensors and interfacing; fluid pressure and level measurement; fluid flow instrument; instruments for temperature measurement; instruments for mechanical measurement; pneumatic controls; cell level interfacing; automatic control systems application; and human interface issues of operator training, acceptance, and safety. Top of page