Industrial Automation and Machine Maintenance, AAS

IND 100 Industrial Safety Procedures                                         1 Cr Hrs

This course provides an in-depth study of the human and safety practices required for maintenance of industrial, commercial, and home electrically operated equipment.  Topics include: introduction to OSHA regulations; safety tools, equipment, and procedures; and first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

IND 102 Manufacturing Overview                                          1 Cr Hrs

This course is designed to provide technicians with a basic understanding of the business principles which drive manufacturing.  Topics include basic terminology, planning and scheduling and quality assurance.

IND 104 Drafting for Industrial Maintenance                                  1 Cr Hrs

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of machine blueprints and the ability to freehand sketch machine parts as needed on the plant floor.

IND 106 Direct & Alternating Current                                             4 Cr Hrs

This course introduces direct current (DC) concepts and applications and the theory and application of varying sense wave voltages and current. Topics include: electrical principles and laws; batteries; DC test equipment; series, parallel and simple combination circuits; magnetism, AC wave generation, AC test equipment, inductance, capacitance, and basic transformers, and laboratory procedures and safety practices.

Prerequisite: IND100 or departmental approval


IND 108 Industrial Wiring                                                                  2 Cr Hrs

This course teaches the fundamental concepts of industrial wiring with an emphasis on installation procedures.  Topics include: grounding, raceways, three-phase systems, transformers (three-phase and single-phase), wire sizing, overcurrent protection, NEC requirements, industrial lighting systems, and switches, receptacles, and cord connectors.

Prerequisite: IND106

IND 109 Basic Industrial Programmable Logic Controls                 3 Cr Hrs

This course introduces operational theory, systems terminology, PLC installations, and programming procedures for programmable logic controls. Emphasis is placed on PLC programming, connections, installations, and start-up procedures. Topics include: PLC hardware and software, PLC functions and terminology, PLC installation and set up, PLC programming basics, relay logic instructions, timers and counters, connecting field devices to I/O cards, and PLC safety procedures.

Prerequisite: IND116 or departmental approval.

IND 110 DC & AC Motors                                                                1 Cr Hrs

This course introduces the fundamental theories and applications of single-phase and three-phase motors.  Topics include: motor theory and operating principles, motor terminology, motor identification, NEMA standards, AC motors, DC motors, scheduled preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting and failure analysis.

Prerequisite: IND108


IND 112 Fundamentals of Motor Control                                                   2 Cr Hrs

This course introduces the fundamental concepts, principles, and devices involved in industrial motor control.  Emphasis is placed on developing a theoretical foundation of industrial motor control devices.  Topics include:  principles of motor control, control devices, symbols and schematic diagrams.

Prerequisite: IND110


IND 113 Solid State & Digital Devices                                                3 Cr Hrs

This course introduces the physical characteristics and applications of solid state devices and digital circuits.  Topics include: introduction to semiconductor fundamentals, diode applications, basic transistor fundamentals, basic amplifiers, and semiconductor switching devices, digital devices, arithmetic circuits and conversion from analog to digital and digital to analog.  Prerequisite: IND06 Direct & Alternating Current


IND 114 Magnetic Starters & Braking                                              2 Cr Hrs

This course provides instruction in wiring motor control circuits.  Emphasis is placed on designing and installing magnetic starters in across-the-line, reversing, jogging circuits, and motor braking.  Topics include: control transformers, full voltage starters, reversing circuits, jogging circuits, and braking.

 Prerequisite: IND112

IND 116 Advanced Motor Controls                                                  3 Cr Hrs

This course provides instruction in two-wire motor control circuits using relays, contractors, and motor starts with application sending devices.  Topics include: wiring limit switches, wiring pressure switches, wiring float switches, wiring temperature switches, wiring proximity switches, wiring photo switches, sequencing circuits, reduced voltage starting, motor control centers, and troubleshooting.

Prerequisite: IND112


IND 117 Variable Speed Motor Control                                            2 Cr Hrs

This course provides instruction in the fundamentals of variable speed drives, industrial motors, and other applications of variable speed drives.  Topics include: fundamentals of variable speed control, AC frequency drives, DC variable speed drives, installation procedures, and ranges.  Prerequisite: IND116


IND 119 Industrial Precision Alignment                                             3 Cr Hrs

In this course students will learn the precision alignment techniques and skills required bring machinery back to OEAM specifications while following all industry standards including documentation and scheduling.  Course includes working knowledge of axis of movement, M&G codes, tolerance, machine geometry, and manual and laser precision alignment equipment.  Prerequisite: IND117


IND 121 Maintenance for Reliability                                                           3 Cr Hrs

This course applies advanced instrumentation in conjunction with principles of mechanical physics, vibration and particulate analysis, thermography, and advanced reliability concepts relative to precision/predictive maintenance of industrial and automated equipment.  Prerequisite: IND119 or concurrent


IND 123 Industrial Fluid Power & Pumping & Piping Systems       4 Cr Hrs

This course provides instruction in fundamental concepts and theories for safely operating hydraulic components and pneumatic systems and industrial pumps and piping systems  Topics include: hydraulic theory, suction side of pumps, actuators, valves, pumps/motors, accumulators, symbols and circuitry, fluids, filters, pneumatic theory, compressors, pneumatic valves, air motors and cylinders, pump identification; pump operation; pump installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting; piping systems; and installation of piping systems.

Prerequisite: IND121 or departmental approval


IND 125 Industrial Computer Applications                                                 2 Cr Hrs

This course provides a foundation in industrial computers and computer systems with a focus in linking computers to the plant floor process.  Topics include: hardware, software, boot sequence, configuration, troubleshooting, and communication platforms.  Students will be prepared to take the A+ certification test.

Prerequisite: IND106


IND 130 Industrial Mechanics                                                                     3 Cr Hrs

This course provides instruction in basic physics concepts applicable to mechanics of industrial production equipment, teaches basic industrial application of mechanical principles with emphasis on power transmission and specific mechanical components.  Topics include: mechanical tools, fasteners, basic mechanics, lubrication, bearings, packing’s and seals.  Prerequisite: MTH112


IND 131 Industrial Programmable Logic Controls                           3 Cr Hrs

This course provides for hands-on development of operational skills in the maintenance and troubleshooting of industrial control systems and automated industrial equipment. Emphasis is placed on applying skills developed in previous courses in programmable logic controls (PLC’s) in an industrial setting. This course includes advanced skills necessary to complete the student’s knowledge and skills to understand and work with PLC’s in an industrial plant.

Prerequisite: IND109 or departmental approval.

IND 132 Industrial Instrumentation                                                             3 Cr Hrs

This course provides instruction in the principles and practices of instrumentation for industrial process control systems with an emphasis on industrial maintenance techniques for production equipment. Topics include: instrument tags; process documentation; basic control theory, sensing pressure, flow, level, and temperature; instrument calibration; and loop tuning.

Prerequisite: IND131 or departmental approval.

ROB 100 Introduction to Robotics                                                     3 Cr Hrs

This course explores basic robotic concepts. Studies robots in typical application environments. Topics include: robot history and fundamentals, robot classification, power sources, robot applications in the workplace, robot control techniques, path control, end of arm tooling, robot operation and robot controllers, controller architecture in a system, robotic language programming, and human interface issues.


ENG 101 Composition I 3 Cr Hrs

This course is designed to improve the reading and writing skills of students. The emphasis is on fundamental principles of written English in structurally correct sentences, paragraphs and expository themes. Critical analysis of essays will be used to aid in developing the student’s thinking, support of thesis and style. Students are introduced to the basic components of research by writing a documented essay in Modern Language Association (MLA) style. Prerequisite:  EBS110 English with a minimum grade of “C” or better or satisfactory course placement assessment scores

MTH 112 College Algebra 3 Cr Hrs

This course is an introduction of algebraic functions and some transcendental functions with application in business and life, natural and social sciences. Topics include solving equations, zeros, rational functions, matrices, exponentials and logarithms and systems. Additional topics are included as time permits. Students must furnish their own TI-83 or TI-83 PLUS graphing calculators. Prerequisites: Minimum grade of “C” or better in MTH 101 Intermediate Algebra or satisfactory course placement assessment scores


SPH 101 Public Speaking 3 Cr Hrs

Covers fundamental basics to all good private and public speaking experiences and elements in voice production and improvement, bodily movement, confidence, poise and understanding of all types of public speeches. Required of all transfer curricula.