Air Conditioning Technology, TC

ACR 101 Principles & Practices of Refrigeration 4 Cr Hrs

Introduces the use of refrigeration tools, materials and procedures needed to install, repair and service refrigeration systems. Topics include refrigeration tools; piping practices; service valves; leak testing; refrigerant recovery, recycling and reclamation; evacuation; charging; and safety. Prerequisite: ACR112 HVAC Fundamentals

ACR 112 HVAC Fundamentals 4 Cr Hrs

Introduce basic concepts and theories of refrigeration.  Topics include: the laws of thermodynamics, pressure and temperature relationships, heat transfer, refrigerant identification, the refrigeration cycle, and safety.

ACR 115 Electricity & Electronics for the HVACR Service Technician 4 Cr Hrs

Provides instruction in identifying, installing, and testing commonly used electrical components in an air conditioning system.  Topics include: pressure switches, overload devices, transformers, magnetic starters, other commonly used controls, diagnostic techniques, installation procedures, and safety. Prerequisite: ACR113 Electrical Fundamentals

 SAF 100 Safety Orientation/OSHA 10 1 Cr Hrs

This course provides a fundamental understanding of OSHA Safety for the Construction Industry. Students who successfully complete the course will be issued a Department of Labor (DOL) 10 hour card.