Every WATC class and hands-on learning experience mirrors our close working relationship with area manufacturers. Businesses that will soon be hiring our students. We work directly with industry to make certain that we’re offering the right courses, with the right focus and the best current equipment.

Industry Review

We bring in company representatives to review our programs. We visit their operations. We review our curriculum with them at least twice a year. So you know that what you’re studying today will be part of your job tomorrow – and so potential employers know that, too.

We work to offer courses that address current employment needs while phasing out programs no longer in demand. We also do our best to train the right number of students to match ever-changing demands. Enough to make sure that manufacturing jobs are filled. But not too many – we don’t want to create a surplus of workers trained for jobs that aren’t there.

Exactly What You Need to Know

Our close relationship with manufacturers ensures that these companies are familiar with our outstanding programs and with our exceptional students. And it means that when our students enter the workforce, they have the exact skills and knowledge these businesses seek.

We can’t climb the ladder for you. But we can make sure you’re as ready as you’ll ever be to put your foot on the first rung. With confidence. And hope for a brighter future.