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Access hands-on, high-tech training

WATC’s advanced manufacturing program prepares students for jobs today and tomorrow. Our industry-driven curriculum ensures that our graduates are equipped with relevant training and knowledge to elevate their careers.

Advanced manufacturing includes a wide-range of interdisciplinary programs in fields such as architectural design, machining technology, joining, AutoCAD, energy auditing and more. The coursework in each area combines established classroom curriculum with hands-on, real-world opportunities.

Our instructors come to us with direct industry knowledge and fresh from their respective industries, armed with real-world knowledge and insights. In addition to their expertise, they are passionately committed to making a difference in their students’ lives.

Creating opportunities for life-long change

One of our students, a 28-year-old divorced mother, got in touch with us several months after graduating. She called one of her instructors and said, “But you can’t guess what I’m doing.” The instructor couldn’t guess, so she told him, “I’m sitting at my kitchen table, drinking coffee and getting paid for it.” It was the first time she’d ever received a paid vacation.

The training and education you receive at WATC has the power to transform your life. Whether it’s finding that first great job or honing skills to climb your career ladder, we’ll help you get there.

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Our instructors come to us armed with real-world knowledge and insights.