Medical Coding, COC

ALH 101 Medical Terminology 3 Cr Hrs

Presents basic principles of medical word building. The study develops competencies in the basic elements forming medical words, categorizing major suffixes and group prefixes. Anatomical, physiological and pathological terms are reviewed so that students better understand special medical procedures. This is the introductory course in medical terminology and is intended for all who desire knowledge in this subject.

BIO 100 Biology Review 1 Cr Hr


This course is designed to help the students increase their knowledge concerning basic biological concepts.  It is not intended to replace BIO110 Principles of Biology.  Recommended for students planning to take BIO150 Human Anatomy & Physiology or BIO160 Microbiology but has not had a recent life science course, or students wishing to prepare for BIO110 Principles of Biology.  This course is graded on a pass/fail scale. CHM110 Chemistry is recommended but not required.


BIO 150 Human Anatomy & Physiology 5 Cr Hrs

A detailed study of the structure and function of the human body. Laboratory work includes tissue examination, basic physiological experiments and structural identification of all organ systems.  Prerequisite:  The student must complete one of the following, BIO 110 Principles of Biology, BIO 100 Biology Review, or successful completion of a life science lab class within the past five years.  If student has taken a lab science class more than 5 years, the student will be required to enroll in BIO100 Biology Review

MEC 101 Insurance Billing & Coding for the Physician’s Office 3 Cr Hrs

Designed to prepare students with the mechanics and tools for the submitting of electronic/paper insurance claim forms after applying current industry coding for medical office treatments and procedures. Prerequisite: ALH101 Medical Terminology, BIO100 Biology Review*, BIO150 Human Anatomy & Physiology

*Required if student has not had a college level science class with a laboratory component before enrolling in BIO150