How Online Learning Works

At WATC, learning opportunities (Online and Hybrid) are delivered through the web using a learning management system. These courses cover the same objectives and competencies as courses offered face-to-face on campus.

Instead of having an instructor physically present, you will get notes, lectures and assignments from web pages (and video material in some cases), participate in discussions, communicate, research, and take quizzes, and turn in assignments using course tools. You will still have a live instructor, classmates, textbooks, a syllabus, assignments, feedback and exams.  All course assignments, exams, etc. will have due dates that you will need to meet each week.  There are usually not any required times to be online each week, unless specified by the instructor.

Hybrid courses and some online courses will also require specific class meeting times on campus.  Check the interactive course schedule for details.

Some online courses also require proctored final exams as indicated in the course syllabus. If you are not from our geographical area, proctoring may be set up in your location. Check with your instructor for details.

Online Degrees and Certificates

We offer the following online Associate degrees and Certificates of Completion:

Frequently Asked Questions

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