General Education Learning Outcomes

General Education Learning Outcomes 2017-01-24T12:19:20+00:00

WATC has established the following set of general education learning outcomes:

1.   Communicate effectively by writing clearly, concisely, and accurately in a variety of contexts and formats.

2.   Communicate effectively by speaking clearly, concisely, and accurately in a variety of contexts and formats.

3.   Demonstrate mathematical skills utilizing quantitative problems and drawing conclusions within various contexts.

4.   Identify, define and systematically analyze a problem from a global perspective.

5.   Identify and express awareness, sensitivity and respect for self and the diverse needs of others within the community.

6.   Demonstrate computer literacy by applying current technology within course work and career fields.


The acquisition of these general education learning outcomes documents that graduates have gained the skills and knowledge needed to function in diverse societies. College-wide standards for these learning skills challenge students and give them opportunities to expand their knowledge in a variety of fields. These learning skills are not specific to any one degree type, program, or course; rather, they are interdisciplinary and provide the overall basic knowledge that WATC graduates need to function as successful, lifelong learners.

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