Broad knowledge for a big world

Higher Learning Commission Mark of Affiliation

Tap into the advantages of WATC’s quality core curriculum to enhance your technical education or as a foundation for a bachelor’s degree. You can take your English, math and other general education courses at WATC then transfer to a four-year college. Our accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and close connections with Wichita State, Friends University, Newman University and other universities facilitate the transfer process. You benefit from smaller more individualized classes, lower costs per credit hour, and an unparalleled support team.

An educational safety net

Our instructors serve as more than subject experts. They work with students as caring advisors, mentors and guides. We meet you where you are – and help you navigate a path to where you want to be. We see so many young people and returning adults whose lack of confidence and skills would probably result in them dropping out of a large college with hundreds in a class. When they graduate from WATC, they’re equipped to step onto a university campus and thrive.

In today’s highly competitive, global economy, most jobs that pay more than minimum wage require at least a post-secondary degree. A general education degree serves as a springboard to myriad careers. It communicates dedication, drive and a well-rounded background. Students leave with foundational knowledge that serve as building blocks for success.

Students seeking to earn an associate of applied science degree are required to complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of general education that includes:

English 101 English Composition I (required)
Math 101 Intermediate Algebra or higher (required)
Speech 101 Introduction to Public Speaking
or Speech 111 Interpersonal Communication (required)

And a minimum of one course from each from the Computers and Social Sciences areas.

Programs of study may have general education requirements above the minimums, so students should discuss selections with a career planner: 316.677.9400.

You benefit from smaller classes, lower costs and an unparalleled support team.