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Welcome to WATC!

We are excited that you chose us!

Below is a list of items to bring to New Hire Orientation. On this site, we are providing additional information, including benefits and general information on the college.

To expedite the hiring process please bring the following documentation with you to new hire orientation:

·Official Transcripts – if you order online, bring the order confirmation receipt or if requesting from a local university/college bring transcripts in sealed envelope stamped “issued to student”. An option is sending directly to WATC at 4004 N Webb Rd, Wichita, KS 67226.

·Licenses and Certifications – Bring professional certifications and licenses that are pertinent to your position.

·Direct Deposit for payroll is required. Bring a Voided Check, Savings Voucher, or Bank Issued Direct Deposit Statement.

·Form I-9 Documentation (Click Here) – You will need to bring original documentation to establish identity and employment authorization by completing a form I-9. It’s important to note that it is one item from list A or one item from list B and one item from list C (listed on page 9).

·Emergency contact information – You will need to bring name and phone number of an Emergency Contact.

·Beneficiary information – You will need to bring social security numbers and birthdates for beneficiary information.

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