Workforce skills training for your business needs

WATC Employer Services has provided training for over 10,000 workers across Kansas in the past year. Participating employers consistently reported gains in employee skills following the training.

Technical Skills Training can be customized for your employees to meet the specific needs of your organization. Generally, the training can be provided on site, online or at our campuses.


Private Security Officer Training

Advanced Course

November 2 -12, 2015

Basic Course

December 7-17, 2015

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Skills training is offered in the following areas:

Customer Service

Workforce Education has a variety of courses for your organization that will help to provide quality customer service.

Efficiency and Productivity

Does your organization need to work more efficiently and productively? We have many courses that speak to those business areas.

Project Management

Managing projects have many aspects to success. Administering Consultant contracts, budgeting, and time and productivity are very important.


Workforce Education understands the need to learn the art of facilitation for effective meetings and presentations within an organization. Click here for more training topics on facilitation.

Human Resources Development and Management

Any organization needs a top notch HR department. We have many training topics that focus on that area.

Interpersonal Communication and Team Building

Effective communication and team building skills are very important to the success of an organization.

Management and Leadership Development

Management and leadership development is the number one need of all organizations. We have many topics directed especially for this need, from New supervisor training, to Change Management.

Personal Skill Development

Building confidence, critical thinking and managing job stress are just a few of the personal skills development courses we offer.

Risk Management and Safety

In today’s stress filled world, risk management and safety, are needed skills for any organization.

Written Communication

Every successful business understands the power or effective written communication

Technical Skills Training

Keeping up with the newest version of technology is a race every organizations runs and hopes to win. We offer training on the latest IT, Graphic Design and Software applications from MS Suite to Adobe Illustrator.

Construction, Manufacturing etc

Is your organization in need of specific technical training. We have many specific training topics from aerospace composite, to OSHA, we even have Human Factors.
Click here to see some of our specific training courses

Costs for Training Services:

2 Hours of Training

$295flat rate

4 Hours of Training

$495flat rate

6 Hours of Training

$695flat rate

8 Hours of Training

$895flat rate

For groups with more than 20 participants, pricing may be subject to change to cover costs of materials. If customized training is required, pricing may be subject to additional fees.