Ellen Palmer, Interior Design Program

Ellen Palmer, Interior Design Program - advertisement that appears in the November, 2010 issue of VYPE magazine

Ellen tells her story
I am Ellen Palmer and I am in the Interior Design program at WATC. Of course, I have always been interested in Interior Design, but I did not know there was a program in the area. At first, I thought that the Interior Design program would be pud. I thought I wouldn’t learn anything and it would be easy.

I was pleasantly surprised. I learn something new every day and I feel like it has helped me alot with confidence, knowledge and with the ability to help my client with things that I never would have known about otherwise.

I have had a couple of opportunities where I have helped clients; I have three right now. It has been very exciting, I absolutely love it.  I have definitely utitlized what I have learned here at WATC. I love Bridget, my instructor because she’s very patient. She takes the time to explain concepts, even when you don’t understand them. She has a sense of humor. The classroom situations are very interactive, they are very fun, there’s a lot of (outside work), very creative work, it’s time consuming.

Before I started this program I had the opportunity to work in helping design an addition on a church. It was a big, million dollar project. I was asked to help with the color finishes. I had a group of trustees who were very conservative and detail oriented. They were engineers, you have to prove to them your concept.

Initially, before I had Color Theory, I suggested to them that perhaps we could use purple, green, orange and brown. They looked at me and said, “Do those even go together?”

Thankfully I had Color Theory before the project was done. I had the confidence of going to them and saying, “I know these go together because they are tertiary colors,” instead of saying that I think they look good together.

My favorite classes, I would say one of them was Color Theory. I love knowing why color changes people’s moods, and the psychology behind color. I also loved History of Furniture and Architecture. I love buildings and to have the terminology to go behind those architectural elements was exciting to me.

Based on my experience I would never try to be in the design field without an education.

The problem with that (what I want to do after I graduate) is that I want to do it all. I want to do architectural, residential and commercial. Whether I launch into business on my own, that remains to be seen.

I’m Bridget Mack, I’m the program director for Interior Design. My suggestion for anyone looking for a career in Interior Design is that “education, experience and examination and are your best friends.” If you want to get into home decorating, you can do that with magazines. If you want to get into design, and make money, and work with professionals, you need an education.