ECS Healthcare

  • CPR for the Workplace (Heartsaver)

    CTB020 Heartsaver CPR

    Heartsaver CPR is a course that teaches basic CPR skills such as performing a head tilt-chin lift, giving compressions and breaths, and calling your emergency response number (or 911).

  • First Aid

    CTB021 Heartsaver First Aid

    This course will cover Adult first aid, first aid basics, medical emergencies and injury emergencies.

  • Spanish Language for Healthcare

    ALH135 Spanish Language for Health Care Providers

    This workshop is designed to provide health care providers with basic and practical knowledge of the Spanish language as applied in the medical field. Students will be prepared to facilitate medical care delivery to their Spanish speaking clients.  Emphasis will be placed on ability to communicate and develop a vocabulary according to the needs of each participant.

  • Dental Assistant Training

    DAS020 Theoretical Application of Nitrous Oxide

    This one-day course is designed to prepare dental assistants to safely administer and monitor nitrous/oxygen inhalation sedation. After successful completion of the course, the dental assistant receives a Certificate of Course Completion.

  • Supragingival Scaling

    DAS214 Supragingival Scaling for the Dental Assistant

    Designed for experienced dental assistants to expand their skills in preventive dentistry with didactic, laboratory and clinical instruction in Supragingival scaling and polishing. Includes review of dental anatomy and terminology, radiography and infection control, as well as didactic instruction in nutrition, periodontal disease, dental caries, oral hygiene instruction, topical fluoride, principles of instrumentation, communication skills and risk management.Prerequisite/Core requisite:  Graduate of an accredited dental assistant program and CDA and six months of experience as a dental assistant or three years employment as a dental assistant within the last five years or departmental consent.

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