Kitchen & Bath Design, TC

EMP 100 Global Professional Standards 2 Cr Hrs

This course provides a study of human relations and professional development in today’s rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society. Topics include: human relations skills, job acquisition skills, job retention skills, job advancement skills, and professional image skills.

INT 101 Interior Design Fundamentals 2 Cr Hrs

This course emphasizes the fundamentals of design by exploring design elements and principles, traffic-flow patterns, color rendering, space planning, and problem solving skills for interior design.  Inclusive in this course are research techniques, creating illustration boards, and honing presentation skills.

INT 105 Blueprint Reading for Interior Design 2 Cr Hrs

This is an introduction to blueprints for interior construction and service systems.  Students will learn basic mechanical drawings, architectural drawings, and symbol and abbreviation identification used in blueprints.  By using an architectural scale students will learn to draft floor plans.  Construction documents, time management, and communication with architects and contractors are included in this course.

INT 110 Color Theory 2 Cr Hrs

This course introduces the use of color for interior design.  Emphasis is on color theory, psychology of color and how it affects the brain and moods, and application of color in interior environments and lighting conditions.  Included is the vocabulary of color, color temperatures, the principles of the color wheel and how to use it.  With the use of paint values, tones, and shades are mastered.

 INT 127 Materials for Interior Environments 2 Cr Hrs

Explorations of various hard treatments used in design are covered in this course.  By the end of the semester, each student will know various hard treatments necessary for design of interior spaces, the functions of each, and their appropriate uses.  Accurate specifications of interior materials are emphasized in this course.  Students should feel confident in researching design products.  Each student will have started a reference library of local and national vendors.

INT 155 Lighting Technologies 3 Cr Hrs

This is an introduction to the basics of lighting technologies used in interior design: color, lighting styles, and lighting fixtures.  Students will learn to read lamp indicators, calculate lumens and foot-candles, and determine proper heights and usage for various lighting techniques.  An understanding of light analysis, residential and commercial lighting, lighting design, lighting applications, and requirements for various types of lighting are studied.  Developments of lighting and electrical layouts on floor plans are inclusive in this course.Prerequisite:

INT 170 Business Practices & Portfolio Development 3 Cr Hrs

This course covers client contracts, presentation skills, resource development, business forms and legal forms, business management and laws pertaining to interior design.  A professional personal portfolio is refined in this class for employment purposes.  A professional resume will be included as part of the portfolio package.  Students will obtain background knowledge necessary for successful business practices for interior design. Prerequisite:  INT101 Interior Design Fundamentals, INT105 Blueprint Reading for Interior Design, INT110 Color Theory, INT126 Textiles, INT127 Materials for Interior Environments, INT145 History of Furniture and Architecture I, INT150 History of Furniture and Architecture II,  INT155 Lighting Technologies, INT175 Seminars for Interior Design, INT190 Drafting for Interiors, INT196 Interior Design Codes and Standards and MCD116 Introduction to CAD ORcan be taken in concurrence with INT160 Design Studio I

INT 190 Drafting for Interiors 2 Cr Hrs

This course is designed to help the student increase their knowledge concerning drafting blueprints for interior construction and service systems, and emphasizes the development of fundamental drafting techniques.  Topics include terminology, care and use of drafting equipment, lettering, line relationships and geometric construction.

INT 235 Computer Technologies for Kitchen & Bath Design 3 Cr Hrs

This course is designed to help the student develop advanced skills necessary to design and present kitchen and bath solutions through the use of current industry software applications.  Project design will be done completely on computer. Prerequisite:  INT216 Kitchen Design

MCD 116 Introduction to CAD 5 Cr Hrs

This course introduces computer-aided drafting (CAD) and examines the hardware that makes up a CAD workstation. It also covers the operating system (Microsoft Windows) that enables the equipment to function as a unit. The course shows how to use AutoCAD to set up drawings and construct lines, circles, arcs, other shapes, geometric constructions, and text. Students will use display and editing techniques as well to obtain information about their drawings and work with drawing files. This course also introduces recommended drafting standards for students to use for properly preparing drawings with AutoCAD. This course also examines dimensioning, blocks and attributes, section views, isometric drawings, multiview layouts, annotative objects, external references, and sheet sets. Students will learn how to use AutoCAD to dimension drawings, create section lines and graphic patterns, design symbols and attributes for multiple use, and create sheet sets. Student drawings will be plotted or printed. This course also covers recommended drafting standards and practices for students to use for properly preparing drawings with AutoCAD.

MTH 101 Intermediate Algebra 3 Cr Hrs

Simplifying algebraic expressions. Solving equations and word problems involving linear and quadratic polynomials, rational expressions, rational exponents and radicals. Graphing linear and quadratic functions. Students must furnish their own TI-83 or TI-84 PLUS graphing calculators. This course does not count toward AS, AA, AGS or AAS degrees to fulfill a math requirement. Prerequisites: Minimum grade of “C” or better in EBS 120 Elementary Algebra or satisfactory course placement assessment scores

 SPH 101 Public Speaking 3 Cr Hrs

Covers fundamental basics to all good private and public speaking experiences and elements in voice production and improvement, bodily movement, confidence, poise and understanding of all types of public speeches. Required of all transfer curricula.