Engineering Design Technology (AutoCAD), COC

EMP 100 Global Professional Standards 2 Cr Hrs

Provides a study of human relations and professional development in today’s rapidly changing world that prepares students for living and working in a complex society. Topics include human relations, job acquisition, job retention, job advancement and professional image skills.

MCD 116 Introduction to CAD 5 Cr Hrs

Introduces computer-aided drafting (CAD) and examines the hardware that makes up a CAD workstation. It also covers the Microsoft Windows operating system that enables the equipment to function as a unit. The course shows how to use AutoCAD to set up drawings and construct lines, circles, arcs, other shapes, geometric constructions and text. Students use display and editing techniques to obtain information about their drawings and work with drawing files. This course also introduces recommended drafting standards for students to use for properly preparing drawings with AutoCAD.

MCD 124 Advanced AutoCAD 4 Cr Hrs

Explores the three-dimensional construction and viewing capabilities of AutoCAD. Topics covered include a review of point coordinate entry system and the user coordinate system (UCS). Spherical and cylindrical coordinate entry, 3-D viewing and display techniques, construction of 3-D solid primitives, 2-D regions, solid-modeling composites and surfaces are also introduced. The use of multiple viewports for 3-D constructions and creating 2-D layouts are covered. Visual styles and rendering are also discussed. Prerequisite: MCD 115 Machine Drafting and Design or instructor approval.

MTH 101 Intermediate Algebra 3 Cr Hrs

Simplifying algebraic expressions. Solving equations and word problems involving linear and quadratic polynomials, rational expressions, rational exponents and radicals. Graphing linear and quadratic functions. Students must furnish their own TI-83 or TI-84 PLUS graphing calculators. This course does not count toward AS, AA, AGS or AAS degrees to fulfill a math requirement. Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C in EBS 120 Elementary Algebra or satisfactory course placement assessment scores.