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Professional Certificate in Project Management

Professional Certificate in Project Management

The Project Management Certificate of Completion develops a thorough understanding and practical application of the universally recognized tools every project manager needs. This professional certificate lays a solid foundation in project management principles to ensure successful project planning from start to finish. The skills gained will compliment the student’s pursuit of the prestigious PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) credentials recognized by companies worldwide for project management excellence.

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Project Management

The purpose of this course is to acquaint the students with Project Management. Project Management is a vital tool for business to remain competitive. Companies are investing increasing effort towards projects. The future promises an increase in the importance and role of projects contributing to the strategic direction of organizations.

Managing Project Teams

The student will learn practical, hands-on techniques for overcoming major project team dysfunctions while developing skill sets in team selection and formation, facilitating team meetings and effectively communicating within the team as well as with sponsors.

Project Leadership & Communication

This course will equip project managers with the skills they need to lead and communicate effectively in a project environment, especially in projects where they do not have direct authority over other members of the project team. The student will learn that without the proper tools successful leaders employ, even the best planned project can end in failure.

Project Management for IT Professionals

This course is designed to address the challenges IT professionals face and will provide the student concrete techniques to manage projects of all sizes. The student will learn to maximize control over IT projects by using proven project management techniques, tools, standards and practices.

Project Scheduling & Cost Management

Cost management and a well constructed schedule are the backbone of any successful project. A project’s schedule brings the entire picture of a projects lifecycle into focus, giving clear and concise expectations of project milestones and completion date. Detailed cost management ensures a projects benefit and vitality; largely determining its ultimate success and justification. This course will equip the student with critical, working knowledge needed to put together winning projects that meet the constraints of time and budget.

Project Scope & Definition

One of the biggest steps taken to ensure the success of a project is to accurately define the scope and definition. Setting the wrong goals for a project will quickly ruin it, regardless of how hard it is worked. Learning the correct steps for determining the outcome of a project and the step-by-step process to achieve those outcomes is the defining principle of this course.

Risk Management with Quality Control & Analysis

Every project experiences risk; but how risk is understood, identified and managed can help pave the way to success. This course will give the student the techniques to understand, define and identify risks to your projects. The student will learn to consider the total costs of risk in relation to the projects and real solutions to handle and mitigate project risk. The student will also gain a fundamental understanding of the risk management process and how it applies to their work. In addition the student will learn the steps needed to apply the most effective tools in quality including flowcharts, Pareto analysis, Fishbone diagrams, Statistical Quality Control (SQC) and Process Capability. The student will have an understanding and tools to solve the challenges of controlling quality.

Microsoft Project

The student will be able to enter tasks, enter and assign resources and utilize the viewing functions. This course teaches the student to work with the resources, learn to balance the project and update and check the project. This course provides techniques and tools for multiple projects. Budgeting from Creation to Application Industry trends have caused companies to become leaner than in the past. This has driven students to broaden their areas of expertise and has amplified the need to understand numerous functional areas of business. This essential course in budgeting will provide the student the ABCs of putting together a workable budget, a working knowledge of fundamental accounting practices, the successful methods for projecting revenues and expenses and will demonstrate proven ways to improve the budgeting process. The student will also learn how a control system works and how to monitor, analyze and respond to budget variances. In addition, the student will take an in-depth look at capital budgeting.

Business Modeling & Data Analysis

The student will learn the practical steps to analyzing business data which will help optimize current operations and determine the outcomes of your decisions. Students will be given the tools to make better decisions, use more information and have better support for the decisions made.

Gathering & Managing Software Requirement Essentials

This course will provide hands-on experience and real-life applications to completing comprehensive system analysis and design deliverables. The student will learn condensed formatting for team schedules and how to bridge the line between business and IT personnel. The student will learn techniques to accomplish key milestones to increase project success rates. The student will learn how to ask the important questions to elicit the correct answers.

Strategic Negotiations

This course will provide high level executive development to refine skills and abilities to increase the student’s success at the negotiating table.

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