Customer Service

CTB005 Customer Service 101

This course provides students with a well-rounded knowledge of the service industry environment. The student will learn techniques associated with sales and marketing, elements of world class service, and the communication process.

CTB006 Customer Service 102

This course is a continuation of Customer Service 101. The student gain the tools and knowledge of world class service, the role of marketing in the workplace, leadership as it relates to the business and how to gain consumer confidence.
Prerequisite/Core requisite: CTB005 Customer Service 101

CTB007 Customer Service 103

This course is a continuation of Customer Service 102. The student will gain further knowledge of world class service and how it plays a major role in business success. The students will learn about organizational change and the emotions that are created.
Prerequisite/Core requisite: CTB006 Customer Service 102

CTB008 Customer Service 104

This course is a continuation of CTB007 Customer Service 103. The students will continue their knowledge of world class service techniques. This course will focus on teamwork, the workers legal responsibilities, ensuring product knowledge and how to resolve customer conflict.
Prerequisite/Core requisite: CTB007 Customer Service 103

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