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 Last Name First Name Title Phone Number
Abbey Kelly Security Officer 316.677.1313
Abbey Kimberly OASIS, Test Proctor 316.677.1888
Ackerman Natalie Assistant Manager, Customer Service 316.677.1976
Adams Cheri Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1827
Adams Steve Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1924
Adjivon Marie OASIS, Tutor 316.677.9485
Ahlstedt Denise Faculty, Licensed Practical Nurse 316.677.1948
Ake Emily Receptionist-NCAT 316.677.1900
Ake Kathryn Human Resource Coordinator 316.677.1308
Akpan Jewel Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1574
Allen Clayton Specialist, Technology Support 316.677.1616
Angelini Mark Lead Faculty, IT Essentials 316.677.1863
Arnold Brenda Operator, Switchboard 316.677.1704
Asher Bradley Industry Trainer, Spirit 316.677.9416
Atkins-Mower Debi Academic Coordinator, Health Sciences 316.677.1564
Attebury Roger Faculty, Welding 316.677.1686
Aubert Patty Academic Coordinator, General Education 316.677.9460
Austin James IT Systems Administrator 316.677.1059
Adjunct Faculty 316. 677-1691
Baker Hayden Brenda Corporate Trainer 316.677.1624
Ball Liz Assistant Director, Student Employment 316.677.1037
Barber Cathie Senior Systems Analyst 316.677.1044
Barber Tammy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1952
Bashor Valli Lead Faculty, Humanities 316.677.1937
Bauer Debra Sr. Specialist, Financial Aid 316.677.9553
Bayless Cloys Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1978
Beatson Kevin Adjunct Faculty 316.677-1646
Bergkamp Stanley Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9499
Berry Jerry Lead Faculty, Industrial Automation 316.677.1007
Betts Nicole Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1893
Bidwell Diane Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1636
Birmingham Bo Faculty, Air Conditioning Technology 316.677.1687
Bishop Jesse Faculty, Aerospace Manufacturing 316.677.1983
Bloomquist Darcy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1028
Boaldin Gregory Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1026
Boehringer Judikay OASIS, Tutor 316.677.1842
Bradshaw Heather Bookstore Associate 316.677.9916
Brecheisen Carrie Faculty, CNA 316.677.1812
Breth Shirley Faculty, Licensed Practical Nurse 316.677.1727
Broas Shelley Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9462
Brock Michelle Adjunct Faculty-NextStep 316.5127135
Broodryk Herman Faculty, Welding 316.677.1709
Brooks Shae Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7121
Brown Dawn Director, Employer Services 316.677.1404
Brown Kimberly Adjunct Faculty-CNA 316.512-7137
Brown Tami Director, Events & Retail Operations 316.677.1898
Bryant Doug Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7145
Burford David Faculty, Auto Service Technician 316.677.1029
Camp Joe Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1884
Canfield-Weber Tara Dean, General Education 316.677.1927
Carver Brad Security Officer 316.677.9904
Cash Scott Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1061
Cederberg Kevin Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1968
Cipra Taryn Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1076
Clarke Jacob Academic Advisor (Tutor), Health Sciences 316.677.1099
Clasen Jeff Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1845
Cole Jacolia Adjunct Faculty, NextStep 316.512-7140
Cole Stephanie Coordinator, Payroll & Budgeting 316.677.1684
Coley LaLisa Specialist, Financial Aid 316.512.7123
Collins Ki-Arra Specialist, Financial Aid 316.677.1756
Cooper Tasha Faculty, Licensed Practical Nurse 316.677.1047
Corby Michael Lead Faculty, Machining Technology 316.677.9519
Cortez Adalia OASIS, Tutor 316.677.1741
Cory Christian Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1332
Cotton Amber Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7103
Cotton Julie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9533
Crain Joseph Program Designer/Director Healthcare Sim Tech 316.512-7149
Crenshaw Judith Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1847
Crow Kari Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1056
Cullum Tammy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1940
Culpepper Brian Security Officer 316.677.1932
Dalal Shari Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9502
Daney Aaron Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1938
Daniels Debra Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1814
Daniels Tranda Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1916
Daniels Willie Industry Trainer 316.677.1088
Davenport ARlice Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1956
Davis Aaron Student IT Helpdesk 316.677.1045
Davis John Faculty, IT Essentials 316.677.1021
Dean Alex Security Officer 316.677.1641
Dean Kristina Assistant Director, OASIS 316.677.1963
DeMoss Alan Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1323
Denlinger Karla Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1693
Detrick Wesley Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1823
Dettweiler Shellie Faculty, LPN/Allied Health 316.677.1573
Dick Sindy Manager, Grant Reporting & Purchasing 316.677.1972
Dierks Melinda Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1883
Dingman John Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9405
Ditton Brittany Adjunct Faculty 316.512-7133
Donaldson Mary Faculty, Medical Assistant 316.677.1909
Doyle Erin Adjunct Faculty, PN 316.677.1017
Doyle Pam Chief Academic Officer, General Education & Health Sciences 316.677.9531
Dryden Nick Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1728
Dyer David Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1711
Eastman Rodney Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1025
Edmondson Ebony Admissions Counselor 316.677.1024
Ehrstein Michael Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1080
Eichorn Justin Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1609
Eickbush Megan Program Records Specialist, Aviation 316.677.1608
Enders Mike Technician, Maintenance 316.677.1719
Engelken Bonnie Registrar 316.677.1760
Enlow-Brown Elizabeth Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1717
Enriquez Steve Assistant Director, Financial Aid 316.677.1333
Eubank Casey Learning Management Systems Administrator 316.677.1012
Evans Angie Specialist, Marketing 316.677.1739
Farber Chris Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1011
Farias Teddy Dean, Health Sciences 316.677.1757
Ferrell Beth Records Specialist 316.677.1091
Field Steve Director, Finance/Controller 316.677.9503
Fletcher Steve Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1698
Flower Carrie Academic Coordinator, Skilled Trades & Transportation 316.677.1975
Foley Kurt Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1839
Folken Gregory Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1389
Fontenot Ron Faculty, Carpentry 316.677.1309
Foster Amanda Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1885
Fouse Mandy Specialist, Recruiting & Marketing 316.677.1571
Fowler Christa Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1633
Fowler Korban Coordinator, Future Maker Mobile Learning Lab 316.512-7138
Fowler Laura Director, Enrollment Management 316.677.9415
Fredsgaard Casper Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9561
Fritz Bruce Dean, Manufacturing Technologies 316.677.1740
Gaeddert Robert Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1700
Gaily Michelle Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1155
Ganzer Rodney Faculty, Aerospace Coating & Paint 316.677.1623
Garcia Elka Assistant, Library 316.677.1749
Garcia Jeannette Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1828
Garrett Wendy Academic Coordinator, Nursing 316.512.7119
Gaut Sara Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1879
Gehring Lindsay Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1966
Gerdes Doug Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1078
Germany Clay Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1870
Gillespie Breanna Specialist, High School Admissions 316.677.9524
Gimler Linda Faculty, Licensed Practical Nurse 316.677.1049
Goetzinger Shari Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1056
Gonzalez Mauro Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1869
Grannis James Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1673
Greenwood Grant Security Officer 316.677.1969
Grossman Linda Lead Faculty, Chemistry/Program Coordinator, Allied Health 316.677.1866
Gross Diane Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1743
Gulley April Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1551
Guzman Emilio Student IT Helpdesk 316.677.9998
Habermehl Alicia Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1055
Hackerott Amanda Program Designer/Director, Vet Tech 316.677.1610
Hall Lindsay Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7113
Hall James Dean, Aviation Technologies 316.677.1852
Halsey Stephanie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1920
Handy Dana Adjunct Faculty 316.512-7142
Hanson Ian Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9530
Hardin Regina Faculty, CNA 316.677.1725
Harner Annie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1493
Harris Deborah Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1086
Hart Johnna Director of Finance, Budgets & Reporting 316.677.1819
Harris Chris Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1617
Harville Marie Specialist, Financial Services 316.677.9408
Heigele Vicki Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1063
Heimerman Kirsten Specialist, High School Admissions 316.677.9532
Herington Katherine Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1326
Hernandez Marcus Admissions Counselor 316.677.1032
Herrera Krista Account Representative, Business Office 316.677.9451
Hickey Gayle IT Helpdesk 316.677.1617
Hill Robyn Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1639
Hilliard Jai Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1034
Hinton Ashley Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1800
Hitchcock Aaron Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1670
Hollinger Krista Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1737
Hollowell Mary OASIS, Lead Tutor 316.677.1669
Hornung Hannah Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1618
Horton Tyler Security Officer 316.677.1407
Huckstadt Loren Security Officer 316.677.1692
Hudgens Ralph Faculty, Industrial Automation 316.677.1676
Huffman Carolyn Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1821
Hughes Clarence Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9474
Hunt Brandon Faculty, Aerospace Coating & Paint 316.677.1334
Hutson Jimmy Academic Advisor (Tutor), Health Sciences 316.677.1859
Jansen Shelby Lead Faculty, Mathematics 316.677.1921
Jestmore Conrad Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1031
Johnson Ed Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1816
Jones David Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1902
Jones John Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1669
Joorabchi Jarrett Facilities Supervisor 316.677.1718
Joy Matt Helpdesk Support Technician 316.677.1864
Kallenbach Susan Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1312
Kapacee Ume-Kulsumbai Faculty, Licensed Practical Nurse 316.677.1892
Kathagnarath Anna Financial Aid Specialist 316.677.1073
Kean Joe Faculty, Welding 316.677.9517
Keith James Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1691
Keller Carey Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1096
Kelley Todd Lead Faculty, Business Administration 316.677.1929
Kemp Chet Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1705
Kiel DaJina Academic Advisor 316.677.1093
Kimble Ken Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1015
King Jeremy Lead Faculty, Design Technology 316.677.9422
Kinsinger Mary Lead Faculty, Design Technology 316.512.7129
Klassen Denice Faculty/Program Director, Medical Assisting Programs 316.677.1415
Klingsick Teresa Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1339
Kober Denise Accountant I 316.677.1033
Koch Emily Receptionist-Old Town 316.512.7128
Kral Gary Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9558
Krehbiel Travis Lead Faculty, Biology/Allied Health 316.677.1930
Kretzschmar-Cash Catherine Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1918
Kuckelman Britten Director, OASIS Academic Support & Information Services 316.677.1417
Kuckelman Morgan Oasis Tutor 316.512.7155
Lamm Sarah Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7105
Larimore Helmer Cheryl Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1822
Latham Brody Manager, Marketing & Creative Services 316.677.1402
Lavin Michael Trainer, Environmental Health/Safety 316.677.1552
Lawhead James Faculty, Auto Service 316.677.1087
Lawrence Sarah Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1689
Layman Pamela Faculty, Math 316.677.1072
Ledwich Lacey Director, Financial Aid 316.677.9421
Lee Brian Academic Advisor, Manufacturing & Design Technology 316.677.1810
Leftwich Sarah Project Manager, Title III Grant 316.677.1085
Likes Ashley Academic Advisor 316.677.1321
Lill Suzanne Director,Short Term Programs, CNA/CMA/HHA 316.677.1830
LiraLuna Christian Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7132
Loud Delia Library Assistant 316.677.9910
Love Brian Lead Faculty, Auto Service 316.677.1018
Love Terry Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7107
Lucas Patrick Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1707
Lucas Scott Chief Instructional Officer, Career & Technical Education 316.677.9535
Ludlam Carol Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1945
Lydick Kay Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1858
Mack Bridget Faculty, Interior Design Programs 316.677.1833
Madasz Megan Assistant Director, Employer Relations 316.677.1876
Mains Gabriel Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7132
Maples Justin Faculty, Machining 316.677.1874
Mar Kelly Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1699
Marshall Lori Director, Short Term Health Programs 316.677.9547
Martin Angel Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1064
Martin Teresa Faculty, Certified Nurse Aide 316.512-7118
Martinez Jeffrey Faculty, Climate Control 316.512.7127
Martinez Maria Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1973
Matthews Greg Industry Trainer 316.677.1900
Maynard Misty Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1887
McChristy Ron Faculty, Auto Service Technician 316.677.1897
McFayden Andy Director, Marketing & Community Outreach 316.677.1006
McLemore Trema Assistant Registrar, Southside Campus 316.677.1714
McMillan Melanie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1301
McNally Shauna Representative, Business Office 316.677.1330
McNeill Michelle Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1742
McNett Jake Maintenance Technician 316.677.1849
Messerly Sandra Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9557
Michael Jessica Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1944
Michael John Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1634
Miles Hollye Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1905
Milhon Michael Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1603
Miller Cameron Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7148
Miller Rod Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7108
Mitchell Susanne Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1890
Mochama David Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1838
Monroe Rachel Specialist, Technology Support 316.677.1729
Moore Lemuel Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1364
Moore Leon Oasis Tutor 316.677.1632
Morgan Cornelius Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7139
Morgan Jeremy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9411
Moritz Colby Senior IT Systems Administrator 316.677.1014
Moser Diane Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1311
Moser Lisa Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1928
Mount Judy Executive Director, Human Resources 316.677.1619
Mowrey Yolonda Lead Faculty, Social Science 316.677.1910
Munday Kristen Director, Institutional Research 316.677.1647
Murray Albert Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1834
Murphy Sherrie Bookstore Assistant Manager, Course Materials 316.677.1305
Mutazammil Ameer Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1713
Myers Lisa Student Retention/Data Specialist 316.677.1970
Narvais Narciso Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1053
Nelson Cliff Instructional Designer, ITAS 316.677.1317
Nelson Constance Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1855
Newman Cecelia Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1325
Nguyen Shannon Security Officer 316.677.1871
Nicholson Marsha Faculty, Licensed Practical Nurse 316.677.1302
Nkoba Strap Coordinator, ITAS 316.677.1089
Nolen Amy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1837
Nye Patty Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1620
Oblinger Daniel Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1809
O’Grady Tracee Specialist, Career Services (KanTRAIN) 316.677.1335
O’Hara Trey Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1716
O’Keefe Fran Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1807
Oldham Randall Faculty, Aviation Manufacturing 316.677.1844
O’Leske Andrew J Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1836
Owens Kelly Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1625
Parks Christine Lead Faculty, Composites 316.677.1904
Packard Emerald Adjunct Faculty 316.677-1931
Packard Jody Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7102
Parsons Ryan STudent IT Helpdesk 316.677.9405
Parton Shelly Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1943
Patterson Jennifer Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1880
Pauly Constance Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1977
Paxson Larry Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1043
Paxson Morgan Administrative Assistant, Operations 316.677.9541
Paxton Danny Helpdesk Support Technician 316.677.1979
Persinger Ronald Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1553
Peterson Kirk Director, Operations/Facilities 316.677.9461
Pfeifer Justin Vice President, Student Services 316.677.1020
Pham Hieu IT Helpdesk 316.677.1811
Phillips Nicol OASIS Support Staff 316.677.1820
Phillips Tom Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1701
Phommachanh Fongvilay Security Officer 316.677.1840
Pike Kathy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1328
Pirtle Jamie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.2650
Pitts Paula Executive Assistant, President 316.677.9505
Plank Pat Dean, Nursing Program 316.677.1097
Poe Eric Manager, Safety & Security 316.677.1318
Poe Sherry Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1934
Poelma-Crownover Jan Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1967
Porter Shanetta Industry Trainer 316.677.1635
Portley Dalisa Admissions Counselor 316.677.1626
Post Josephine Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1851
Price Carol Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1329
Powell Julia Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1702
Prichard Rebekah Academic Advisor, Aviation 316.677.1027
Pringle Bethany Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1831
Pritchard Vrenda Lead Faculty, Allied Health 316.677.1939
Pulliam Sarah Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1908
Puntel-Sessions Claude Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1604
Pupkoff-Hesse Cathy Faculty, Vet Tech 316.677.1414
Queen Doris Human Resources Manager, Employment 316.677.1751
Quick James Adjunct Faculty 316.512.7126
Ragon Ron Instructional Designer 316.677.1644
Ramsey William Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1857
Ramzah Hassan Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1338
Randall Brady Software Developer, eCRM Administrator 316.677.1050
Randall Jenna Academic Advisor 316.677.1009
Randle Joyce Faculty, Certified Nurse Aide 316.677.1919
Lukert Madison Academic Advisor 316.677.1954
Recio Alex Security Officer 316.677.1856
Reyes Joe Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1817
Rhodes Jamie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1877
Rice Jordyn Admin Specialist, Gen Ed 316.677.1974
Rillema Beth Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1322
Roberson Shanna Academic Coordinator, Manufacturing Technology 316.677.9538
Robinson Chris Security Officer 316.677.1981
Robinson Eric Database Administrator & Software Developer 316.677.1685
Roe Jennifer Specialist, Health Sciences Support 316.677.1824
Roebuck Randy Executive Director, Technology & Institutional Effectiveness 316.677.9437
Roeder Leah Data Specialist & Reports Coordinator 316.677.9552
Rohleder Albert Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1629
Rose Lenny Security Officer 316.677.1964
Roswurm Don Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1075
Roswurm Linda Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1613
Roth Jena Associate Dean, High School Partnerships & Community Outreach 316.677.1069
Ruder Michelle Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1891
Rudman Lance Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1572
Saathoff Robert Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1748
Saenger Lindsey Faculty, Allied Health 316.677.1917
Salzman David Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1745
Sampson Solomon Faculty, Auto Collision 316.677.1825
Sanders Rudolph Industry Trainer 316.677.1337
Sanderson Greg Faculty, Machining Technologies 316.677.1645
Sandoval Elida Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1048
Santiago La Rae Specialist, Disability Services 316.677.1912
Santiago Lisa Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9507
Sayahnejad Jennifer Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1922
Schechter Jared Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1046
Schell Richard Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1878
Schirer Dana Project Manager, KanTRAIN and MakerTEC Grant 316.677.1605
Schmidt Trish Dean, Instructional Technologies & Academic Support 316.677.9550
See Jodi Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1697
Selenke David Faculty, AMT 316.677.1092
Sessions Linda Lead Faculty, Computer Technology 316.677.1051
Seymour Jennifer Director, City Center 316.677.1695
Shaw Jennifer Receptionist 316.677.1961
Shrack Ryan Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9543
Shrestha Nayan Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1971
Sims Marcia Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1953
Smith Cynthia Jones Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1036
Smith Ebony Faculty, CNA/CMA 316.512.7131
Smith Haley Financial Aid Specialist 316.677.1081
Smith Mary Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1098
Smith Sylvia Academic Advisor 316.677.9560
Sparks Cody Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1818
Stahl Molly Academic Advisor 316.677.1008
St Pierre David Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1008
Stanley Charis Specialist, Financial Aid and Veteran Services 316.677.1872
Steele Bart Industry Trainer, Spirit HBC 316.677.9551
Stephen Tiffany Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1955
Stevens Darcy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1642
Stewart Monica Senior Director, Strategic Innovations 316.677.1706
Stimson Robert Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1631
Stockham Amy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1923
Stockstill Lori Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1865
Stowe Linly Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9556
Sullivan Thomas Security Officer 316.677.1736
Stufflebeam Kyle Lab Assistant, PN Simulation 316.677.1337
Suter Clayton Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1829
Talbott Monica Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1733
Taylor KeeKee Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1156
Taylor Phillip Faculty, Aviation Maintenance 316.677.1958
Tedman Fran Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1559
Ternes Melanie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1628
Terrell John Industry Trainer 316.677.9434
Thomas Jeffrey Academic Advisor, Healthcare 316.677.1035
Thomas Kimberly Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1621
Thomison Shawn Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1853
Thompson Brandie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1408
Thompson Dorothea Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1016
Thompson Kori Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1052
Thompson Joy Faculty, LPN (316) 677-1390
Thomsen Crystal Assistant Registrar, NCAT Campus 316.677.1747
Thornhill Lauren Faculty-Allied Health 316.677.1079
Threet Logan Program Director/Faculty, Surgical Technology 316.677.1688
Tibbetts Craig Specialist, Technology Support 316.677.9516
Timmons Vicky Senior Account Representative, Business Office 316.677.1941
Tinich Mikel Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1894
Trembly Scott Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1019
Tucker Norman OASIS, Tutor 316.677.1066
Underwood Tim Software Developer, eCRM Administrator 316.677.1808
Unruh Greg Vice President, Finance & Administration 316.677.1005
Utash Sheree President 316.677.9536
Van Stipdonk Stacy Software Developer for Data Reporting 316.677.9907
VanSteenburg Tami OASIS, Tutor 316.677.1630
Varrientos Denise Director, Business Office 316.677.1734
Varrientos Joe Lead Faculty, Avionics 316.677.1875
Vaughn Tonya OASIS, Test Proctor 316.677.1959
Velazquez Jesse Security Officer 316.677.1854
Vigil Jose Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1885
Vogt Julia Program Designer/Director EMT 316.512-7117
Vogt Matt Lead Faculty, Police Science 316.677.1914
Von Itter Paul Faculty, CATIA 316.677.1882
Vorak Lynn Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1600
Vorak Richard Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1416
Washburn Bill Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1867
Watkins Randy OASIS, Tutor 316.677.1694
Weber Janet Academic Coordinator, Aviation Technologies 316.677.1612
Weiss Bodie Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1022
Welsh Timothy Executive Director, Talent Solutions Coalition 316.677.1947
West Keith Faculty, Aviation Manufacturing (AVC & Aerostructures) 316.677.1560
West Kevin Faculty, Engineering Design 316.677.1677
Wheeler Linda Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1962
Wheeler Ted Security Officer 316.677.1738
White Danita Lead Faculty, English 316.677.9528
White Diedre Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1671
White Terryl Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1743
Wiebe Rachael Program Director/Faculty, Dental Assistant Program 316.677.1813
Williams Anthony Faculty, Welding 316.677.1710
Williams Darrin Security Officer 316.677.1003
Wilson Charlee Specialist, Oasis Academic Support 316.512.7126
Wilson Frank Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1708
Wilson Kim Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1082
Wingfield Melisa Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1895
Wolf Tracy Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1935
Wood Catherine Adjunct Faculty 316.677-1942
Wood Christopher Adjunct Faculty 316.512-7136
Wood Mark Adjunct Faculty 316.677-1672
Wunderlich Michael Industry Trainer 316.677.1629
York Kyle Lead Faculty, A&P 316.677.1023
Young Suzan Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1094
Zavala Robert Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1041
Zeller Pris Adjunct Faculty 316.677.1678
Zink-Bolin Traci Adjunct Faculty 316.677.9427
Zortman Trent Faculty, Climate & Energy Control 316.677.1720
Zuckerman Shea Director, Mobile STEM Lab 316.677.9912


Wichita Area Technical College
4004 N Webb Rd
Wichita, Kansas, 67226
Phone: 316-677-9400