ASC FAQs 2017-01-24T12:19:13+00:00

What does ASC stand for?

Where do I find the ASC?

How can I contact the ASC?

When can I come for help?

What kind of tutoring can I get?

Is there somebody I can call when I have questions or need help?

Can somebody help me by email?

What does ASC placement prep or tutoring cost?

How do I start placement prep?

How long will placement prep take me?

Can I bring my kids?

What can I do if I’m too busy to come to campus for placement prep?

Do I study all subjects at one time?

What happens during my first placement prep visit to the ASC?

Will somebody assign homework for placement prep?

How is my grade for placement prep determined?

Do I have to buy any materials or supplies for placement prep tutoring?

Why can’t I log in to Plato?

Why can’t I open files from Blackboard?

How do I get to remote desktop?

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