The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides FREE tutoring to WATC students at the Southside Center (SSC) and the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT).

Your academic success is important to us. You are welcome to utilize tutoring services so that we can help you achieve your goals!

Tutors are available to help nurture and develop independent learning and critical thinking skills. The ASC staff focuses on helping you develop and practice academic skills to ensure you reach your full potential, while providing an educational and professional environment. Sessions are FREE and OPEN. This allows you the freedom to come when you can and leave when you need.

National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT)
4004 N. Webb Road | Room S109
316.677.9440 |
Southside Center (SSC)
4501 E. 47th Street South | Room 116
316.677.9440 |
Tutoring Schedule (By Day) Tutoring Schedule (By Name)
NCAT Monday – Thursday Friday Saturday
8am – 5:30pm 8am – 5pm Closed
SSC Monday – Thursday Friday Saturday
7:30am – 8pm 8am – 5pm 8:30am – 12pm