Untitled-4Before you can enroll in classes at WATC, you need to come take a basic placement test, the COMPASS Test. This free computerized test assesses reading, writing and math skills to determine which courses you’re prepared for so you can be the most successful.

If you have taken the ACT, you can bring us your score. If your ACT scores meet the minimum requirements listed below under “Test Score Requirements,” you may be exempt from taking the placement test. Click here to have your scores sent to WATC.

Testing Center Locations

National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT)
4004 N Webb Road
Wichita, KS 67226
Southside Center (SSC)
4501 E 47th Street
Wichita, KS 67210

Testing Center Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
NCAT* 4004 N Webb Rd 8am – 5pm 8am – 5pm 8am – 5pm 8am – 5pm 8am – 5pm Closed
SSC**4501 E 47th St. S 9am – 8pm 9am – 6pm 12pm – 6pm 9am – 5pm 9am – 5pm Closed


Compass placement test offered daily (Monday –  Friday). Please allow at least 1 hour per test.
Other Exams listed under “Offered Tests and Test Fees” Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   Click on Specific Exam Link below.


Compass placement  and all Other Exams offered daily (Monday – Friday).  Click on Specific Exam Link below
No exam started after 6 p.m. Please allow at least 1 hour per test. 

Offered Tests and Test Fees

Test Score Requirements

Proctored Tests

The WATC testing center proctors tests for current students who are required to take exams for their courses in a proctored setting. This includes make-up exams, online finals and other assessments. There is no charge for the proctoring services for these exams. Arrangements should be made through WATC course faculty. A valid Photo ID is required for each student taking a proctored assessment.

Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions Placement Assessment Prep: Brush up on your skills before taking the assessment. Prep courses are offered to help prepare you. Contact the Academic Success Centers (ASC) at  316-677-9440 or academics@watc.edu for more info.

Scores don’t meet program admission? WATC offers a variety of courses to prepare you for program admission or to help you improve your skill level. Visit with a tutor in the Academic Success Center to get started! Contact the Academic Success Centers (ASC) at 316-677-9440 or academics@watc.edu for more info.