For Students, Graduates and Alumnus

Welcome to Wichita Area Technical College’s Career Services. We can assist and help navigate students, recent graduates and alumni  to determine  career paths, develop  plans for job searches; review resumes and cover letters; prepare for interviews; understand salary and benefit information and prepare for  new careers. We have placement rate statistics showing the percentage of our most recent student graduates who are employed, in the military or continuing their education.

Need Help Choosing a Career?

WATC’s Career Services office offers counseling  regarding career planning, academic major choices, employment search strategies, and graduate or professional school aspirations. In addition to helping educate individuals in the process of self-assessment and communication of strengths, interests, values, skills, traits, and academic achievements.

My Next Move is a free comprehensive, Internet-based education and career interests, skills and values assessment tool which gives access to career planning resources needed to prepare for lifetime careers.

Additional Resources

Glassdoor: Start your company search using the Glassdoor on-line service to take a look at jobs and companies! See what others are saying about working for a particular company, or
learn the prevailing and distinctiveness of an industry, or research salaries here and in other parts of the country.  Click and see today!

Students create a free  account and post their experience in an interview process, salary information, etc.  for companies they have hired-on to or have had experience with. They can also do company research in all parts of the US to get information on companies that they might like to investigate working for and /or relocating for.

Search jobs posted at our school!

Online Job/ Resume Board

Current students, alumni and employers can register with College Central Network to post and connect resumes and job openings.


Internships are wonderful opportunities for students to strengthen their job skills, build relationships with employers, and gain new experiences. They provide a chance for the student to test drive a career! Employers benefit from receiving a dedicated, energetic, labor force that comes with flexibility and innovative ideas.

Graduate & Employer Follow-up Surveys

Each year WATC conducts follow-up studies to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs. The most important and meaningful evaluations come from our graduates the employers who hire them. Your input helps program administrators make better informed decisions with regards to changes and improvements in the programs.

Please take a few minutes to give us your opinions, suggestions, and comments. All responses will be kept strictly confidential and reported as group data only. If you have any questions or comments about this study, please contact Sequana Kimbrel at 316.677.1646. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

Contact Us 

To set an appointment for counseling  regarding career planning, academic major choices, employment search strategies, and graduate or professional school aspirations contact:

Sequana Kimbrel PHR
Coordinator, Career & Disability Services
316. 677.1646 |